Lululemon Men's Workout Shorts, Shirts and More Are up to 40% Off Right Now

lululemon memorial day sale
Lululemon Memorial Day Deals 2023: Up to 40% OffCourteys of Retailer

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MEMORIAL DAY is here, and we're in the sweet spot of spring sales and prices dropping from some of our all-time favorite brands. Notably, Lululemon, our go-to menswear brand for athleisure when it comes to men's clothing, restocked its We Made Too Much section with fresh new picks to help you save on a spring and summer wardrobe upgrade. The brand also added to the section around Presidents' Day, so we're excited to see the brand following trend for this next three-day weekend. It's rare the brand drops an official Lululemon Memorial Day sale, so shopping the overstock section gets you pretty close.

Along with restocking the We Made Too Much section, the brand's viral belt bag is finally back in a handful of new colors. But if you're on the hunt to save on new workout shirts, gym shorts and more the We Made Too Much section is a great place to start. The deals are up to 45 percent off, meaning the trendy brand can be in your wardrobe rotation for a fraction of the cost.

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In terms of workout wear that's available in the section, there's a plethora to choose from. These running shorts come in a bold magenta for just $54 (that's 21 percent off!). For weight sessions, you'll want to scoop these unlined shorts which come in a handful of colors for the same price. The Fast and Free short sleeve tee is another pick designed for running, but you'll find the slim fit and breathable fabric works for your other workouts too.

Lululemon doesn't just offer workout gear. Included in the savings are casual pieces that offer the same comfort as Lululemon's athletic gear, but for your everyday wardrobe rotation, like trousers you can wear out with friends or to the office. There's also a $69 button-down that's made of a light, breathable and quick-drying fabric to keep you cool, making it an excellent pick to wear on hot summer days. You can also score a pair of day-to-day shorts, which, thanks to the sweat-wicking oxford fabric, not only look great but keep you cool as the heat cranks up outside.

While the restock helped bring back a host of sizes and styles, there are lots of pieces that are already sold out, so if you're shopping the section we'd recommend acting fast. The brand also has a newly launched Like New section, where you can shop similar savings to the We Made Too Much section, but on gently worn gear. Regardless of where you start, we have no doubt you'll snag some great Lululemon Memorial Day deals.

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