What Is 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'? I've Tried Out the TikTok Trend—Here's How My Luck Changed

Here's how you can maximize your luck with the viral TikTok trend too.

Social media trends come and go quicker than the seasons. But, the current "lucky girl syndrome" trend on TikTok is deeper than that. And it seems like it’s here to stay a while.

What is lucky girl syndrome? It may sound like a disease, and if it is, it’s certainly one you want to have. We could all use a little extra luck right now, and individuals all over TikTok are raving about their results from adopting a lucky girl outlook. Whether it’s harboring slight delusion over your success or affirming yourself through hopeful words, it seems to be working.

One of the buzzwords you may have witnessed many times scrolling through your socials is manifestation. And no matter if you believe in the hype of it or not, lucky girl syndrome is a type of manifestation technique. According to clinical psychologist Carla Manly, "Manifestation is the art of bringing a dream or goal into a state of being real."

How easy is it to get caught in the thought spiral of “nothing works out in my favor”? Holding onto these strong feelings all day bleeds into every aspect of our lives: work, family, friends, romantic relationships, personal hobbies and goals. But, maybe as soon as we flip the mindset switch—our luck switches too.

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What is “Lucky Girl Syndrome” on TikTok?

“Ever since I can remember, I have always made it a point to tell everyone, ‘I am so lucky,’” said TikTok influencer, Laura Galebe – A.K.A., a trailblazer of the lucky girl syndrome trend.

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Galebe recounts in her now-viral video with over three million views that ever since she began affirming how lucky she was, insane opportunities started being thrown her way. “If it doesn’t go the exact way I want it to go, then something better comes up after it.”

The first time I heard about lucky girl syndrome was when I saw a TikTok of two girls sitting in a car while one ate takeout noodles. These two friends discussed a tough situation they were recently in when they decided to call upon Galebe’s lucky girl affirmations. Tough situation? Solved, and it panned out better than they hoped.

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More and more people started hopping on the bandwagon. Who wouldn’t want a taste of the lucky girl's life? Content creator Megan Guilbeaux posted about how she saw “a TikTok of two girls in a car eating noodles” talking about their lucky affirmations. To her surprise, when she started implementing the beliefs herself, her luck, too, started to change. She’s gotten nail appointments paid for, pay raises, new followers, and millions of views on her content…the list goes on.

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The law of assumption is when we assume what we want will happen in order to manifest it in our reality. This pretty much hits the lucky girl syndrome nail right on its head. Neville Goddard—one of the pioneers of the law of assumption—stated, “If you assume success and persist in that assumption, you cannot fail.”

The two are tied together, so it’s no wonder the trend is working so well.

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How my luck changed with "Lucky Girl Syndrome"

Not to expose myself, but I can be a bit of a cynic. When I really want something, though? I often put all the positive energy I can handle toward that.

I’ve used this manifestation technique in the past without really knowing it. Back in 2018, my favorite band, Imagine Dragons, was getting ready to release a new album. With the album release, they put on a contest where fans could enter to win an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas to meet the band and experience a live show.

When I found out it was a writing contest, I immediately thought to myself, “I’ve got this in the bag.” I had a high level of delusion about the fact that I was going to be a winner of this contest because I knew I could knock their socks off with an essay. Guess what? I ended up being a winner of the contest, and the trip was an absolute dream come true.

<p>Kelsey Kryger</p>

Kelsey Kryger

Between stumbling upon the TikTok of the noodle girls and remembering that I’ve accidentally (and successfully) used this method in the past, I decided it was time to start believing I’m the luckiest girl in the world. When I’ve recently found myself stressed out about sticky or stressful situations, I call upon this mindset, and almost immediately things resolve better than I could’ve imagined.

I’ve had positive work and collaboration opportunities land on my lap without really doing that much. A personal situation I’ve been dealing with for over two years has peacefully seemed to work itself out without much friction. Financial abundance has been greater than what I typically experience with my barren mindset.

The point is, maybe it’s a little woo-woo. But, it seems to work. Why not give it a try?

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