Lucky Charms Has New Bags of Just Magical Marshmallows Cereal, So You Get 100% of the Good Stuff

Photo credit: Instagram @saturday_morning_nostalgia via @cerealsnob
Photo credit: Instagram @saturday_morning_nostalgia via @cerealsnob

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True or true? The marshmallows are the best part of Lucky Charms cereal. Now that we all agree on that, let’s get ready to dive into a bowl of straight marshmallows, because Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows is here!

General Mills first released a box of just marshmallows in 2015 … then again in 2017 … and again in 2019. It looks like the 2-year-hiatus streak is over, because a new bag of Just Magical Marshmallows has been popping up on shelves. Thanks to Instagram account @saturday_morning_nostalgia for posting pictures, we know that our cereal dreams are coming true (again).

“Truly, you are charmed. This super-limited supply of super-powered marshmallows is a pocket of pure magic,” reads the back of the bag. “Inside you’ll find hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, unicorns, rainbows and tasty red balloons. And that’s it!”

The 6-ounce green bags have been found at Food City, a grocery store chain that first opened in Virginia, and the cereal has been uncovered on Walmart’s website. So the good news is that while they’re limited-edition, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding them.

Well, it looks like we’re having marshmallows for breakfast for the limited future!

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