Lucid Air Pure walkaround

The Lucid Air Pure is the new entry-level trim, starting at $88,900 (including a $1,500 destination fee) for a single-motor rear-wheel-drive configuration. It will only come with an aluminum, body-colored roof rather than the expansive panoramic glass roof of higher-end Airs. According to Lucid reps, the solid-roof cars have an entirely different side body stamping than the glass-roof models due to the way the roof is welded. The Pure introduces a new color, a Pacific Ocean-inspired grayish-blue called Fathom Blue, and simplifies the options to just a single interior. A cow-free Mojave (i.e., black and gray) leather alternative with a recycled woven fabric covering parts of the dash and door panels.

Video Transcript

BEN HSU: This is Ben Hsu with Autoblog. We're here at the Lucid Studio in Beverly Hills, California, taking a first look at the Lucid Air Pure.

Now, this is the base model for the Lucid Air. It comes with a single-motor, rear-wheel drive configuration. It starts at $87,400. But this particular car we see here is an all-wheel drive, dual-motor model, 480 horsepower, 410 miles of range. And, um, it's a 92-kilowatt-hour battery.

This model is finished in what they call Fathom Blue. It looks gray here. But they tell me that, definitely, there's more blue if it's in the sunlight.

Now, one of the biggest differences between the Pure and the higher-trim levels, like the Sapphire-- a 1,200-horsepower Sapphire over there-- is that this car has an aluminum roof. And because of that, aluminum-roof cars actually have completely different, uh, side stampings. So the pillars, even the door openings, all of that is completely different than a car with the panoramic glass roof. As you can see, the roof and the pillars are all body color.

And this is matched with what they call the Mojave interior. This car has, um-- well, all Pure models have Mojave. That's the only color available-- uh, interior color available. That's a leather-alternative upholstery. And, as you can see here, this fabric, it's recycled material textiles on the door panel and on the dash.

Now, one of the more interesting things--


--about the Pure is that, when you--


--go to the back, the footwell is actually deeper in some of the extended-range models. There's 95-millimeters of greater depth here. And that's because the battery is an 18-module battery pack versus the 22-module battery pack for the extended-range models. The four missing ones go right there, where the rear passengers feet would. And, as a result, they say that this rear bench even has a different part number, because it's contoured at a different angle. Obviously, if your feet are lower on the ground your legs are going to be sitting in a different angle. So that detail was considered.



--this car goes into production, they say, in December, so just a couple of weeks away. And the first batch will be dual motor, all-wheel drive models with a rear-wheel drive, single-motor model to come in early 2023.

All right, that's it. Well, thanks for watching. This is the Lucid Air Pure.