Loving Way Baby Looks at His Golden Retriever Is So Full of Magic

Their bond is just so beautiful.

Dogs really are 'man's best friend,' but they can be baby's best friend, too. Just take a look at this precious video from @hdbrosriley, an account dedicated to 8-year-old Riley the Golden Retriever. He loves cuddling up with his baby human brother, and it's the sweetest thing!

Of course, Riley's brother is downright adorable by himself, but their friendship is ready to melt hearts. They make each other oh-so-happy!

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Aww! These two are seriously precious. The baby seems so happy to have his furry playmate around, and Riley looks content just to hang out on the floor for as long as it takes. That's true love right there!

"Golden retrievers are the best," wrote commenter @bazball18. Aren't they? They can be so gentle and sweet, but they're also down to play and run (especially with loved ones). And, as Riley is demonstrating here, Goldens are great with kids!

@Givenchy121 said, "I can’t think of anything more calming and secure than this," and we couldn't agree more. This little one is "going to be such a happy baby!!" To be fair, though, anyone would be happier with a pup like Riley around, but growing up together will be priceless for the Golden and his boy.

"This was my son and our Golden," @twills29 shared. "They were a year apart in age. My son is now 12 and my Golden just recently passed. Amazing animals!" Aww! Losing an animal is one of the hardest days in life, but we know all the years before then were filled with tons of love and laughter.

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