If You Love The Home Edit & Marie Kondo, You Need to Check Out These Chic, Minimalist Organizers

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You’ve mastered The Home Edit’s Roy G. Biv-based organizing systems, and thanking an item for its service before discarding it, KonMari-style. But you still have all kinds of stuff to corral, and without a proper place for those things, that stuff just looks like…clutter. That’s where these minimalist organizers come in. They’re sleek and inobtrusive, managing the mayhem of your life so you can focus on more important things. Like losing an afternoon to the oddly mesmerizing wonders of pantry restocking TikToks.

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1. Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Stop losing precious minutes of your life trying to hunt down missing socks—and fight a drawer full of jumbled ones open and closed. You don’t even have to know Marie Kondo’s folding techniques to keep 32 pairs perfectly tidy, thanks to this Honeycomb Drawer Organizer. (Psst: It also works well for keeping underwear and scarves in order.)

BUY IT ($20; $12)

2. Open Spaces Underbed Storage

So long, clunky plastic bins! You won’t have to hide these mod, compressed-felt bins, which are just the right height for sliding under your bed or a leggy sofa (all you need is a 7-inch clearance). Leather handles make ‘em easy to pull out, and at a little over 26 inches wide, they’re just big enough for stowing sweaters or linens.


3. Tosca Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack

There are certain things you always want close at hand in the kitchen, but you don’t necessarily want them cluttering up your counter. That’s where this rack comes in handy—it can hold shears, a paper towel roll, oven mitts, hand towels, aluminum foil and packs of sandwich bags. And it does so by making use of one oft-underused part of your kitchen: the side of the fridge. (Or any metal surface.)

BUY IT ($88)

4. Dotted Line Bamboo Entryway Shoe Rack

Store up to eight pairs of shoes, your tote and every umbrella you forget to grab on your way out the door in this compact shoe rack. At just under 11 inches in diameter, it can fit in even narrow entryways, though be forewarned: If you’re looking to stow larger shoes (men’s size 13 and above), the brand recommends going with a larger model.

BUY IT ($51)

5. Open Spaces Shelf Risers

Get more out of deep cabinets with a set of shelf risers. These light-wood-and-cream-colored-metal ones look more sophisticated than the typical plastic ones—so much so that you won’t mind staring at them. Which makes them a great pick for open shelves, too, or for using as a laptop stand. (Because c’mon, those tech-y silver ones are just kind of…meh.)


6. The Home Edit by iDesign Divided Lazy Susan

If you’ve ever spun a lazy Susan, only to have half the items tip over, you’re not alone. And that doesn’t have to be your world anymore. The dividers and lip on this turntable keep your condiments from rattling around.

BUY IT ($30)

7. Martha Stewart Cube Spice Rack

There are plenty of ways to store spices, but this one is particularly visually appealing. The little uniform cubes and wooden holster keep everything in its place, and the whole thing can be hung on the wall or stowed in a drawer. Further proof that Martha knows best.

BUY IT ($84; $59)

8. Russell & Hazel Acrylic Pencil Block

Your desk has enough stuff on it already. Why not move your pens to the wall, where they’re still within arm’s reach but no longer in the knock-it-over-while-lunging-to-unmute-yourself zone? This acrylic style won’t distract from your walls, and its weathered gold hardware will go with just about anything.

BUY IT ($20)

9. D-Line Cable Management Box

Nobody wants to stare at a cluster of chargers and cables. Eliminate that eyesore with this handy box, which conceals a power strip and everything that plugs into it. And it’s not just for looks—the box also makes it harder for kids and pets to mess with the outlets.


10. iDesign Fridge Starter Kit

Remember that random anecdote about pantry restocking videos? (You clicked, didn’t you?) Well, fridge restocking is every bit as popular, and it’s easy to see why: Just look at this organization system. This 12-piece set keeps everything from your eggs to your White Claw collection in Instagram-worthy order. It might even make you look forward to putting away groceries. Maybe.

BUY IT ($164)

11. Marie Kondo Two-Drawer Linen Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes can often skew frou-frou and fussy; at their worst, there aren’t even enough compartments to keep your necklaces from tangling. This two-tier box solves for both of those issues. It features 41 compartments in a range of sizes, including a removable sliding tray, all housed in a clean-lined, linen-covered container.

BUY IT ($130)

12. Good Grips Adjustable Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers seem like a great idea, until you buy a bunch and realize none of them quite fit your drawers. That’s what makes OXO’s line so brilliant—they’re easily adjustable to fit your space and whatever you need to contain within it. Plus, they have non-slip feet on the bottom, so they won’t skitter around every time you open the drawer.


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