This phone grip will keep you from cracking yet another phone screen — and it's hardly noticeable

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Love Handle cell phone hand  grip (Photo: Love Handle)
Love Handle cell phone hand grip (Photo: Love Handle)

There’s a moment that happens every so often when your hand decides to give up. You feel it happening — the grip on your cell phone loosens, and you can sense that you no longer have control. Then, almost as if it’s in slow motion, you watch your valuables drop, hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

It happens on your way to work, on the elevator or — our least favorite instance — when you’re lying in bed, scrolling through social media, which means the phone falls straight onto your face. Ouch.

There are different cell phone stands, rings and straps that can help prevent the drop, and many of them are bulky and fussy. But there’s one universal cell phone grip taking over Amazon: the Love Handle cell phone hand grip.

It’s a thin strap made with a super strong adhesive that will stick — and stay— on the back of your phone. And it’s gaining popularity among Amazon shoppers.

How it works.

Love Handle’s patented fingertip grip design sticks onto the back of any smartphone or tablet. The elastic band is flexible enough to fit all finger shapes and sizes, but snug enough to keep your phone still and your grip secure.

Unlike other phone grips, the ultra-thin design is barely noticeable, and there’s no activation pop or pull necessary. All you have to do is slip your finger(s) in.

The elastic grip is so secure that the company’s website guarantees that you can even insert a business card under to make a DIY phone stand.

Love Handle’s patented fingertip grip design sticks onto the back of any smartphone or tablet. (Photo: Love Handle)
Love Handle’s patented fingertip grip design sticks onto the back of any smartphone or tablet. (Photo: Love Handle)

How it’s made.

Love Handle is based in Houston, and everything is made in the U.S.A. The brand also offers a 100 percent guarantee that ensures your grip will stay put no matter what.

A high quality, 3M peel-and-stick adhesive holds a durable, long-lasting bond with any phone or phone case. The grip is made to be thin so that it can fit in a small purse, tight pocket or go easily unnoticed. It’s so slim, you can take advantage of wireless charging, without any interference.

Unfortunately, the Love Handle is not compatible with phones with glass backs like the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S6, so if you have these styles, we suggest sticking the adhesive onto a phone case, rather than the phone itself (this also will add some extra, necessary protection in case of an accident).

What customers are saying.

Of the 2,000-plus reviews on Amazon, here are some that caught our eye:

  • “I've been buying and using these grips for years on several different phones and iPads,” wrote one loyal Love Handle follower. “I just got a new iPhone XS and though I really wanted to use the Love Handle on it, I was concerned that I would not be able to use a wireless charging pad with the phone, if the grip was stuck on the outside of my phone case. Amazingly, it turns out that the several charging pads I have in my house are able to easily charge through both my case and this grip!”

  • “Way better than PopSocket. I have an LG Stylo 4, which compares in size to a Samsung Note. I don't like using cases because they add to the bulk of an already large phone, making it even more difficult to navigate the device with one hand,” a five-star review noted. “The Love Handle adhesive is made by 3M, so be advised, once you put the LoveHandle on the device it stays in place, which was exactly what I wanted! I also love the low-profile nature of the LoveHandle--it does not stand out or add nearly as much bulk as PopSocket.”

  • “I have ordered these twice. I had one on my iPhone 5 and then ordered another when I upgraded to the iPhone 6s,” wrote another happy shopper. “These Love Handles are a solid product. The construction includes an elastic band and durable plastic body that sticks easily to the back of your phone or phone case. The elastic band permits two fingers inside to easily hold your phone securely in your hand. Great when you are walking or just want that extra security. If you've ever dropped your phone and cracked your screen you will really appreciate what I mean. I bought one for a friend and she loves hers too. You can't go wrong with Love Handle!”

  • “I like that the product was easy to apply onto my iPhone XS case and the elastic is tight,” wrote another shopper. “At first, I put the Love Handle center of the phone but realized it was too far for my hand to be inserted and be comfortable. I then carefully removed the adhesive with a thin card that I have and reapplied it lower on the phone in a better spot. I have tiny hands so it is better lower and now I can reach all corners of the screen with my thumb just fine when holding with one hand. It's just the thing I've been looking for!”

The bottom line.

Phones are expensive, and costly repair fees (or replacement fees!) aren’t something you should have to worry about.

Not only do these affordable grips prevent fatal falls, but they make everyday use of a phone so much easier, especially since the models seem to be getting bigger and bigger!

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