Love is Blind star Giannina Gibelli shows us her go-to beauty products for the summer

Giannina Gibelli shares with us her favorite summer beauty products, including an affordable find for grooming eyebrows.

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GIANNINA GIBELLI: Hey, little baby.


GIANNINA GIBELLI: All right, I'm going to put her back, and I'm going to wash my hands because it can carry salmonella. So I'll be right back.

NURYS CASTILLO: What's up everybody. I'm Nurys, and this is "Accidental Beauty Blogger at Home Edition."


Today I'm joined by Giannina Gibelli, who you may know from "Love is Blind." She is here to share with me her four favorite summer beauty products, and we're going to them altogether. Hi!


NURYS CASTILLO: I'm so excited. I'm geeking out.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: I'm super happy to hang out with you. Like, with everything that's going on, self care is like what I turn to. These are the things that I love, and, like, I swear by. My favorite is the Summer Fridays mask. It's called the Jet Lag Mask. It's supposed to hydrate you, like, right after a travel, but you can use it whenever you want. So, you want to start out with just like a thick-ish layer. Just enough so that it covers your face.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh my god, I feel like we're having, like, a girl's day right now.



GIANNINA GIBELLI: So, I actually did a Charlotte Tilbury webinar the other day, and they taught us really how to do like a little mini facial. So I'm going to teach you really quick. So, you want to start out like an L. Like, your hands like an L. And then you want to use the tip. And push up a little bit and then push right into the middle of your forehead. And then you want to just really start that pressure point. And then you'd want to go up, and then you open your hands and go down your face. So it's a supposed to like drain your face.

NURYS CASTILLO: I thought you were-- I thought you were supposed to go, like, up. No? Do you want to get the wrinkles?

GIANNINA GIBELLI: I mean, it really depends. Like, if you want to do your knuckles like this, and you go round like your cheekbones, that drains your face. So yes, you're supposed to go up. But then you're supposed to take it down your face and drain it out. Like, all the way down to your neck and away.

NURYS CASTILLO: Stuff like this is very hydrating because I have dry skin, so I constantly need things that are hydrating for my face.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: Two more things that I want to show you.

NURYS CASTILLO: Yes, please.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: So, along your jaw. And do a little squeeze.

NURYS CASTILLO: Don't look at my chin. I have a pimple there. Please. You know what it is? I'm so excited to be with you. A pimple came out.


GIANNINA GIBELLI: OK, so this mask you're actually not supposed to completely rinse it off, but use, like, a damp washcloth. And then just kind of like-- oh. And this is that Summer Fridays Butter Balm. You are going to do this every single day. I am obsessed. It's like sweetener for my lips, you know? It's like another mask for my lips.

NURYS CASTILLO: You could just use this and you'll be good to go. It's like a nice little gloss, right?

GIANNINA GIBELLI: Yeah. I've used that to go out for-- instead of anything.

NURYS CASTILLO: When you met Damian, the actual first time when those doors opened, how did you do your makeup?

GIANNINA GIBELLI: We didn't have, like, hair or makeup or anything like that, so the entire time I'm like going all out on my face. I was just like regular beat, regular hair. This is what I've been looking like the past couple nine days that we've been talking. So this is what you got.

NURYS CASTILLO: All right, let's go on to the next. I'm excited.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: So, I think the best little thing that I have discovered this summer is this Maybelline Cheek Heat. And you actually want to make the product like a little bit warm before you put it on your face. You just dab it. Like that. Yeah, perfect. And then I like to just put my blush in the apples of my cheeks. Dab, dab, dab, dab. And, so you know that really cute, like, sunburnt look that people are doing? So that's why I really like this.

NURYS CASTILLO: Like, we got a little tan.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: This is how you do it. I like to look glowy during the summer, so I still have some of this in my left. So, I'm going to use a little bit on my lips.

NURYS CASTILLO: Ooh. Look at you. How are you so pretty without makeup?

GIANNINA GIBELLI: Oh, stop it. I stock up on Elf Clear Brow and Lash Mascara every single time I see it, because I go through like three bottles of this a month. Usually when I do my makeup and I do like a little story on my Instagram, people freak out about my eyebrows. I'm like, I don't do-- I just use a little bit of a pencil, but this is what I mainly use. This is the key. That's the key. I love it, because it gives me like that Gigi Hadid eyebrow where it's just like--

Not really, but I try. This keeps it nice and in place. Like, your eyebrows will not move. And you can also use it, like, if you don't want to wear mascara that day, this is like a clear brow and mascara.


GIANNINA GIBELLI: It's not, like, as heavy as a mascara, but it will give you that little look with your lashes.

NURYS CASTILLO: So, tell me a little bit about "The Vibe with G," your new lifestyle.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: So, "The Vibe with G" is pretty much just like what we did today. It's fun things that get you into a better state of metal health, whether it's spiritually, physically, emotionally, through fashion, or food. I really just believe that you should do what feels good to nourish your soul. And that's what I'm trying to show with "The Vibe of G." It's a vibe.

NURYS CASTILLO: Woo! Thank you so much. I had such a blast with you. We're going to have a girl's day very soon.


NURYS CASTILLO: We're going to do this again.

GIANNINA GIBELLI: Let me know. Let me know, girl.


GIANNINA GIBELLI: You guys are awesome. Thank you. Bye.


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