Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell Still Together?

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Okay, buckle up. This one’s a doozy.

Even if you aren’t watching Love Is Blind season six, you’ve probably heard of one of its couples, Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell. You know, that whole Megan Fox thing? That’s them.

Here’s everything we know about the relationship even Netflix called one of the “most dramatic” ever on Love Is Blind, including the couple’s backgrounds, current relationship status, and where they are now.

Who are they?

Chelsea Blackwell is a 31-year-old flight attendant who also owns a micro-wedding planning service called Rugged and Radiant. As she talks about on the show, she married her high school sweetheart as a teenager but the marriage didn’t work out. Naturally, she says she loves to travel, bonding with Presnell initially in the pods over this shared hobby.

Jimmy Presnell, 28, works in software sales and, according to his profile on Netflix, is “so ready” to get married. Some other details from his bio: He’s a first-generation college student, he’s “open-minded” when it comes to dating, and he’s a snorer.

What went down on the show?

What didn’t go down on the show is the real question.

First of all, this romance didn’t start as just a couple, but as a love square (like a love triangle, but with even more people). Both Blackwell and Presnell were romancing other people in the pods— Presnell had a connection with Jessica Vestal and Blackwell with Trevor Sova—and both were struggling with their decision.

After a devastating breakup with Vestal (in which she memorably tells Presnell he will need his EpiPen when he sees her), Presnell tells Blackwell he’s all in, leading her to breakup with Sova. All good now, right?


Blackwell mentioned to Presnell that her friends said she looked like actor Megan Fox, which upon their first meeting he did…not agree with!

“She definitely lied to me about how she looked,” he told the cameras.

In an interview with Glamour, Blackwell said she regrets making the comparison.

“I obviously regret bringing it up, 100 percent,” she said.

Unfortunately, this rocky start was only the beginning of the issues they have faced. Since the pods the couple has fought over numerous issues, with Blackwell feeling insecure over Presnell’s attraction to her and Presnell not really helping himself by calling fellow pod-squad member AD Smith “stacked.”

The couple’s scenes have been so rocky, Presnell even put up an Instagram defending their relationship following the release of episodes 7, 8, and 9 on February 21.

“Chelsea is an amazing person and loves so hard. Due to time, a lot of the full story this far wasn’t shown. There are reasons we are both fighting for each other and sticking to our promise. It’s easy to make assumptions off of snippets of our relationship, but I wanted y’all to be easy on my girl,” he wrote in part.

However, in episodes 10 and 11, we see the couple appear to strengthen their bond. At a gathering for all the pod squad, Jimmy and Jessica finally meet face-to-face, as do Chelsea and Trevor. There are wandering eyes as each chats with their would-be picks, but in the end everyone seems to get along relatively well.

In episode 11, Blackwell gets emotional as she tries on her wedding dress with the rest of the women, and she and Presnell squeeze in one last date at an amusement park before their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Presnell tells Blackwell, “You’re my person,” before saying there is something they haven’t yet discussed—then it cuts to black.

The finale picks up right where episode 11 left off. Turns out, the “something” they hadn’t discussed was whether or not they were going to get married. “I haven’t got a grasp of where you’re at,” Presnell says.

Blackwell answers that at that very moment, she would say yes. However, if he had asked her a few days before, she wouldn’t have been so sure. Then it was Presnell’s turn to answer.

And his answer was…“I don’t want to go to the altar. I can’t.” Blackwell appears shocked by this revelation and asks Presnell why he had even taken her on the final date if he knew that he didn’t want to at least walk down the aisle.

Things go downhill from there, and they rehash previous arguments (about Jimmy’s friendship with an ex and Chelsea’s clingy-ness), and both say that they should have broken up earlier on in their relationship. The next day neither attend their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, seeming to confirm that they’re no longer together.

Did they get married on the show, and are they still together?

Jimmy and Chelsea do not get married on the show. In the finale episode, Presnell says he does not want to go to the altar, and the two appear to breakup for good.

However, in a recent interview with EW, Chelsea revealed that the relationship continued after the cameras stopped filming. “We tried to date for four days after, and we really tried,” she said. “We tried our hardest and it just didn’t work out.” She said that he was the one who called it off the second time. “He called me and said he realized he didn’t want a relationship. This experiment was a lot on him and it just didn’t work out.”

But that might not be the end to their story. TMZ reports that the two were looking cozy in a nightclub in early March, almost a year after the show ended. And, surprisingly, we didn’t find out their current relationship status on the March 13 reunion special. So, watch this space?

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