Love Is Blind Season 6: Are AD Smith and Clay Gravesande Still Together?

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You know a couple have chemistry when they are giving each other cute little nicknames.

Such was the case for Love Is Blind season six couple Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande, who viewers could easily see were feeling each other from the first day in the pods. But this is Love Is Blind after all, so their road to the altar was filled with twists, turns, and a whole lot of drama.

Here’s everything we know about “All Day” and “O-Clay” from Love Is Blind season six, including their backgrounds, current relationship status, and where they are now.

Who are they?

Smith is a 33-year-old real estate broker who used to be a professional dancer for the New England Patriots and Charlotte Hornets, according to her Netflix profile. Originally from Boston, she quickly won over viewers with her focus on substance and real connections in the pods, along with her sweet demeanor.

Gravesande, 31, is an entrepreneur, according to his profile on Netflix. He was a track star at the University of South Carolina, where he says he was a six-time NCAA All-American. One of his entrepreneurial projects is a boat and Jet Ski rental business. Cool!

What went down on the show?

Despite not being able to see each other in the pods, these two clearly had chemistry from the jump. However, their instant connection cooled a little bit when Gravesande asked Smith to talk about her physical appearance (not the point of the experiment!) and Smith pursued a relationship with another suitor, Matthew Duliba.

Then Smith found out that Duliba was telling another woman, Amber Grant, the exact same things he was telling her. That ended that love story—just in time for Gravesande to break down his walls. The couple got to know each other better once Gravesande opened up emotionally and decided to continue on the LIB ~journey~ by getting engaged.

By episode 11, Gravesande and Smith were still together, learning how to adjust to each other’s lives. Smith was struggling with Gravesande’s intense and regimented work schedule, while he was dealing with trauma from his parents' marriage falling apart due to infidelity.

But while their post-engagement journey had its ups and downs, the couple was still willing to work through it together. By the finale, the two had made the decision to walk down the aisle.

Though all seemed rosy on the surface, inside, Gravesande was still struggling with anxiety about the future of their relationship—specifically the fear that he would, like his father, end up cheating on his partner. Coupled with the intense timeline of the experiment, Gravesande's worries were too much for the 31-year-old, and he said no at the altar. Smith appeared genuinely taken aback by his rejection and returned to her bridal suite in tears.

Did they get married on the show and are they still together?

AD and Clay did not get married on the show after making it all the way to the altar. In interviews immediately following the failed wedding, Gravesande said that he wanted to continue to work on himself while dating Smith and to learn more about her—particularly her finances and how they would manage money together. He also apologized for the pain he caused by saying no, and the two hugged before parting ways.

In a solo interview, however, Smith said that she didn't want to continue dating Gravesande after his rejection. “When will I ever be enough?” she sobbed to the camera.

It was unclear whether Smith and Clay might continue to date each other in the aftermath of the show, or move on for good. However, they are still following each other on Instagram. Make of that what you will!

During the Love Is Blind reunion, Clay revealed that he tried contacting AD after the show ended but she left him on read. “She's honestly the love of my life,” he said, admitting that he made a mistake in saying no at the altar. He's been in therapy since the show. As for AD, she said she wasn't sure what to do with that information. When asked whether she would consider dating Clay again, AD replied, “Next question.” Clay, for what it's worth, said he would “1000%.”

Interestingly, AD revealed that she went on a couple dates with Matthew after the show ended. But it fizzled out because they live “two very different lives.”

So watch this space?

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