Which 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Couples Are Meant To Be, According To Astrology

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The 'Love is Blind' Cast's Zodiac Signs, Explained - Netflix

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Love may or may not be blind, but some connections are written in the stars. While the cast members of Love is Blind season 3 spend several episodes figuring out their real-life compatibility and physical chemistry, there’s another factor worth taking into consideration, too: astrological compatibility.

By looking at two people's birth charts, astrologers can identify connections that yield clues as to how they'll get along and what the future holds for their relationship. Since the love triangles, engagements, and pool party chaos this season is enough to make anyone's head spin, perhaps turning to astrological compatibility will uncover which Love Is Blind couples are meant to be—and which ones may be star-crossed lovers.

Meet the Expert: Lisa Stardust is a New York-based astrologer, tarot card reader, and author of The Love Deck: 70 Cards to Ignite Attraction, Passion, and Romance.

Zanab Jaffrey (Aries) and Cole Barnett (Taurus)

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Being that the sun signs of this couple neighbor each other in the sky, Zanab and Cole get along because their celestial location denotes camaraderie. Zanab is an Aries sun sign and Gemini moon sign, making her a fiery and passionate person who may have a tendency to rush into romantic affairs. Cole is a Taurus sun sign and Aquarius moon sign, which allows him to take his time dating someone before jumping in. However, when taking a closer look at their birth charts, there is an alliance between Cole’s Mercury in Aries and Zanab’s sun in Aries. This indicates that they have a lot in common and can have conversations spanning hours, as viewers saw in the pods.

Also worth noting: Cole’s moon and Uranus in Aquarius form a conjunction with Zanab’s Venus, Mars, and North Node of Destiny in Aquarius, while opposing Cole’s Mars. What does this mean? They were meant to come together as a couple in this lifetime—but their unusual relationship is erratic and tempestuous.

Brennon Lemieux (Capricorn) and Alexa Alfia (Libra)

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With Brennon’s Venus (the planet of love) closely aligned with Alexa’s Saturn (the planet of commitment), these two want to join forces and give their all into making sure their union works. No matter how many arguments they get into throughout the years, Brennon and Alexa are well-equipped to find a middle ground and try to maintain the structure of their partnership. Basically, there isn’t any situation that this pair can’t figure out.

Both of their sun signs square each other, which means that they are always yearning to understand each other on a deeper level since they are fundamentally different. However, they both have moon signs in Pisces: This indicates that they have the same emotional reactions and temperaments, making it easy to connect with each other.

Bartise Bowden (Cancer) and Nancy Rodriguez (Scorpio)

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Since Bartise has a Cancer sun sign and Nancy has a Scorpio sun sign, these two will find an emotional affinity in their partnership. Furthermore, they both have Pisces moons, making them highly intuitive. Being that their suns and moons are water signs, Bartise and Nancy can cry and laugh together, while sharing a psychic connection.

Perhaps most interestingly, Nancy’s sun links up with Bartise’s North Node of Destiny, making their partnership destined. While that might seem like all they need for a rock-solid romance, their easy alliance can oversimplify the relationship at times, meaning they don’t have to work hard to make the partnership succeed. The lack of passion can lead to “fake” arguments that satisfy the need for intensity at times. The couple also share a Venus opposition, as well as a Venus and Jupiter connection, which are amazing astrological aspects in compatibility: This means that they had a force greater than themselves pulling each other together when they met.

Colleen Reed (Scorpio) and Matt Bolton (Aries)

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Passion! Obsession! Control! These words describe Colleen and Matt's astrological connection to a T. With their sun signs forming a minor frustration, they can get irritated by the other easily and act out, as both need to have the last word in arguments. Furthermore, they share a Mercury opposition, which can lead to major miscommunications that cause intense fights to occur. Once they start disagreeing on any topic, they won’t be able to stop until someone intervenes.

But the couple also share a Venus opposition, which is rather favorable in terms of astrological compatibility. Basically, it means they are always longing to share their interests and relate to each other. However, with the applying Mars square Mars aspect between their charts, this lets their desires and sexual energy take over. When they’re not getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, they’re exerting that sentiment fiercely through arguing.

Raven Ross (Aries) and SK Alagbada (Scorpio)

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The unique connection this pair shares is due to the alignment of Raven’s Aries sun sign and SK’s Aries moon sign. That association marks a longtime partnership—even though they didn’t work out as an engaged couple, they have the potential to stay close friends throughout the years.

They also share a Jupiter opposition, denoting a pair who has fun together. Raven and SK might go on adventures together and talk about their dreams, as well as philosophical views. While Raven and SK have both told Women's Health that they're currently exploring rekindling their romantic relationship in some fashion post-filming, astrology says they don’t have the stamina to transcend into long-term passionate lovers. Their love-at-first-sight desire could fizzle out over time, making it hard for them to stay affectionate and in love.

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