'Love Is Blind' Fans Are Mad at Nick Lachey for Dissing Jessica Simpson

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'Love Is Blind' Fans Are Pissed at Nick LacheyNicholas Hunt - Getty Images

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey just sat down for a very messy Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, and Nick wasted noooooo time dissing his previous relationship with Jessica Simpson.

Speaking to Matt Bolton about their previous marriages, Nick said that marriage "is always better the second time," earning a fist bump from from Matt who responded "cheers, bud."

Yeahhh....kinda awkward. And the moment did not go unnoticed by fans, who hit Twitter with comments like "How does Nick Lachey find a way to shade Jessica Simpson even til this day. It was only a little shade but I caught it!" Not to mention: "Nick Lachey bumping fists with Matt about his first marriage to Jessica Simpson did not sit well with me. The show is not about you" and "my love is blind hot take is that nick lachey should stop bringing up his marriage to jessica simpson. let the woman rest!!!!!!!"

As a reminder: Nick and Jessica were married for several years and had an entire (iconic) reality show together. And Jessica couldn't have been nicer about Nick in her memoir Open Book, where she wrote “We meant a lot to each other and we always will. I want to be very respectful because I married him for a reason and we were together for seven years for a reason. He has a family now and I would never say anything to disrespect that.”

Meanwhile, Nick couldn't have been saltier about said memoir, telling Us Weekly, “No, I have not read a single word. Both of us have not read the book, and no, she did not reach out before it was published.”

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