Love Ashley Graham? Here Are 9 Other Body-Positive Activists You Should Follow Too

Expand your social media horizons by following these body-positive models and activists who prove beauty comes in any size.

Boosting your own body confidence starts with knowing you’re not the only one with cellulite, stomach rolls, or any other totally normal imperfections. That’s why seeing daily Instagram and Snapchat posts from body positive activists like Ashley Graham can be an instant mood- and confidence-booster—they show that health, beauty, and fitness come in all sizes. Here, we share our favorite curvy-girl role models who serve up lots of fierce full-body shots, sweaty gym mirror pictures, and the occasional selfie. Trust us, you’ll want to follow them all.

Candice Huffine

You may know Huffine as the first plus-size model to grace the pages of the iconic and risqué Pirelli calendar. Besides serving up super sexy editorial shots, she shares photos of her doing her favorite form of fitness—running. Huffine religiously uses the hashtag #getmovinghavefun, so her posts are sure to lift your spirits.





Nadia Aboulhosn

Have trouble fitting into those straight-sized Lululemon leggings? You and your booty will love model, fashion blogger, and designer Nadia Aboulhosn. She recently launched a fierce clothing line with Canadian plus-size brand Additionelle and isn’t afraid to make out-of-the-box fashion decisions. One scroll through her Instagram and you’ll want to be rocking body-con dresses, athleisure-inspired bodysuits, and short-shorts just like Aboulhosn does.










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Katie Willcox

If you feel like skinny girls are the only ones being portrayed as healthy on your social feeds, it’s time to give Katie a follow. She’s a model and the CEO and founder of Healthy Is the New Skinny, a movement that focuses on health and wellness rather than size. She posts lots of workout clips (even when she was pregnant!), and inspiring body-positive messages.










Bo Stanley

Surfer chick Stanley will have you feeling empowered by what your body can do, rather than what it looks like. Her Instagram is filled with beachy bikini photos, action shots of her surfing, and outdoor strength training and yoga videos. Stanely will inspire you to do what you love, regardless of what you look like doing it and most importantly, she’ll remind you to make working out fun.










Leah Kelley

This model isn’t afraid to speak out against the modeling industry’s unfair body standards. Her honesty will leave you feeling empowered to live a healthy lifestyle while loving your body. Plus, her second Instagram account, thickandtoned, features all of her go-to workouts—all the fitspo you need. 

#TBT to my #bodyevolution over the last 8 years. The picture on the left is from my first test shoot in NYC At 19 years old. I was my #naturalsize but was not #confident and always would be #bodyshaming myself. The photo in the middle is after I purposely gained #weight to make it in the plus model world. This is also the time I learned to love my body. I felt like I was in a parallel universe of the fashion industry. The bigger I got the more "perfect" I became. I gained my confidence with each pound. I was finally proud to have been the tallest, curviest girl growing up. I was baffled for years as my straight size friends would be told they needed to loose a few inches here or there, while I was being told I was too skinny. I weighed almost 60-80 pounds more than most of them. The juxtaposition was absurd. Even though I felt great about my body from a mental perspective, I did not feel good physically. Not eating healthfully and avoiding exercise took its toll. I was tired all the time and any physical activity was hard. My childhood asthma came back, my joints hurt, everything hurt. I started to realize that my health was and would be effected for the rest of my life if I didn't make a change... The picture on the right is me now in a recent Polaroid I took for a lingerie client. Yes, the bra doesn't fit well, I know, but you can see how happy I am. I am back to my natural size after years of hard work(out) and lifestyle changes. I document some of them on my blog When I look at these 3 pics, I see three #babes. One that was not very healthy or confident (constantly dieting/shaming) but totally should have been, I see one sexy #BBW who is feeling herself but unhealthy as well, and I see myself now. Someone who is happy in her own skin regardless of your or anyone else's opinion. I see the healthiest version of "me" I have ever been. Funny thing, fashion has changed so much since I started modeling, I now can work at my natural size and I do not have to gain or loose weight to find jobs. So many of my clients are embracing women in all sizes and I believe the bridge between #straight and #plus has been drawn. #loveyourbody #thickandtoned

A photo posted by Leah Kelley (@leahkelley) on Sep 3, 2015 at 3:12pm PDT





Denise Bidot

This curvalicious model recently launched her own self-love campaign, called There Is No Wrong Way to Be a Woman. Whether she’s showing off her stretch marks, posting the occasional workout photo, or snapping adorable selfies with her daughter, Bidot proves a woman can be anyone she wants to be—and that message is infectious as any.







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Tara Lynn

Plus-sized model Tara Lynn proves curves are always in style thanks to her mix of high-fashion editorial and behind-the-scenes snapshots. She consistently shares the hasthag #FashionDemocracy and believes women of all sizes should have access to fun clothing options. Trust us—you’ll want to take lots of fashion risks after scrolling through Lynn’s feed. 





Marquita Pring

If being close friends with Ashley Graham isn’t enough to convince you to follow this model, her upbeat, fun-loving posts are sure to do the trick. Hit "follow" and your feed will be filled with fierce runway walks, workout sessions, and Pring-Graham best friend moments.






Jessamyn Stanley

In a world where women are often shamed for having belly fat, Stanley reminds us there’s nothing wrong with having a little more in the middle, and even to own our figures. The inspiring yogi proves size and shape don’t matter when it comes to practicing your favorite form of exercise. Follow her to flood your feed with expert-level yoga poses, rants that question fit-girl stereotypes, and overall body-positive realness.