'Love Actually' Is Still Streaming Online. Whew!

'Love Actually' Is Still Streaming Online. Whew!
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"I feel it in my fingers / I feel it in my toes / It's time to watch Love Actually / Come on, let's stream it, bros." Okay, so that's not exactly what Billy Mack sings in the movie, but if those lyrics speak to you, then you're probably one of the many people who love watching the 2003 Christmas film each year. While it has its detractors, Love Actually is a holiday classic — and the only one that makes you root for love while simultaneously making you rage about a guy obsessively filming only closeups of the bride at his best friend's wedding. (And then he shows up with those cue cards? I mean, the nerve).

So, if you're looking to watch Love Actually again this year, what are your options? Technology has come a long way since 2003, so it's got to be streaming online, right? Here's where you can check out Love Actually for your Christmas movie marathon.

Stream Love Actually on Netflix

Are you a Netflix subscriber? You're in luck. Love Actually is currently streaming on the platform. You can take in Hugh Grant's joyful dancing and Emma Thompson's extremely moving crying scene as much as your heart desires.


Rent or Buy Love Actually on Another Platform

If you don't have Netflix and aren't interested in signing up, there are other ways to stream the movie online. Several services offer options for renting or buying the film with prices starting at $3.79 for a rental.





Buy Love Actually on DVD or Blu-Ray

Love Actually came out in 2003, a time when Netflix was sending DVDs by mail and browsing the aisles at Blockbuster was equivalent to scrolling through streaming service menus. If you want to take your Love Actually viewing experience back to this time, you can purchase the film on DVD or Blu-Ray — if you have a way to play it, that is. Not only is this the nostalgic route, but if the movie ever stops streaming online, you'll still have a way to watch it. Think of your future holiday self!

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