There Are a Lot of Signs That Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are Dating Again

Carolyn Twersky
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Photo credit: Instagram

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Braddison shippers have been living their best lives the past few days as Addison Rae and Bryce Hall have been spending more and more time together. It's enough to lead many to think the exes are dating again and, honestly, the evidence is there. Here are all of the reasons why I personally think this TikTok It couple has reunited, or will very soon.

Addison may have referred to him as her "man"

In a dance to the "100 Racks Challenge" on TikTok, Addison pulled Bryce into view from the left side of the screen right as the song lyrics said "my mans."

Fans immediately read into this move and made note of it in the comments, writing, "OH HE'S YOUR MANS😂😂" and "did anyone else hear the song say 'my man' does that mean they're back together?!?!!"

Addison, though, was quick to set the record straight. "It's just a trend, this is the choreography," she responded, emphasizing in another comment that "it's just a song/dance."

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Addison tweeted from Bryce's phone

Many eyebrows were raised when a tweet went out from Bryce's account that simply read, "Ugh Addison."

Well, apparently Addison has full reign of Bryce's phone because Bryce quickly clarified that Addison tweeted the previous message herself. Honestly, I'm not sure what is cuter, Bryce tweeting that himself, or Addison feeling comfortable enough to do it.

Addison's mom, meanwhile, seemed to enjoy the whole interaction. "Love her for that," she responded to Bryce's tweet.

They're posting a ton of TikToks together

It's clear from the tweets that Addison and Bryce have been hanging out, but luckily they even gave us a look into their time together by posting a ton of TikToks over the past few days.

Addison proved she's been spending a lot of time at the Sway House by sharing an old TikTok from "about a week ago."

Right after, though, she shared another, more recent, video from the House, proving that she came back for more!

Then, Bryce almost broke the internet with this super cute video he posted with Addison.

It's safe to say they've been having a ton of fun together.

They attended a protest together

The pair even supported the Black Lives Matter movement together. Bryce and Addison were spotted at a protest in LA and Addison shared a photo from the event where Bryce is prominently featured.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Addison may have bailed Bryce out of jail

When Bryce was arrested along with Jaden Hossler on charges of drug possession over Memorial Day Weekend, rumors quickly started swirling that Addison had bailed her ex out of jail.

Unfortunately, Addison never confirmed the rumors, but she also didn't deny them. There were also whisperings that members of the Hype House had bailed the boys out, but Thomas Petrou later shut those down. So, it may be telling that Addison never denied the rumors about her...

Addison's mom stans Bryce

Though Addison's mom was eager to point out that her daughter was not dating Bryce at the time of his arrest, she later revealed her appreciation for her daughter's ex. Sheri Easterling tweeted, "stan Bryce Hall for clear skin," seemingly out of the blue. But hey, you've got to get the mom's approval and it seems like Bryce has it.

Bryce seems to know a lot about Addison

Not long after Charli and Dixie D'Amelio left the Hype House, Bryce hinted that Addison may be the next to go. "The Hype House?" he said in a video, "Charli and Dixie left and Addison doesn't really associate with the Hype House, so they really kind of just—I don't know what they're doing exactly."

Of course, for Bryce to know this information, he had to have been talking to Addison. This was before the two were hanging out so publicly, so it's possible that they've been in close contact for awhile.

Bryce has made it clear that he still likes Addison

While Addison has been more coy about her feelings for Bryce since their breakup, Bryce has not been scared to reveal that he still has feelings for her. Back in April, Bryce admitted that Addison is "the best girl" he's ever dated.

He also said that he "would date her again."

Well, it seems like his wish may be coming true!

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