The Lose Your Gut Guide Is on Sale on Amazon

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The Lose Your Gut Guide is a weight-loss plan created for the guy who can’t seem to lose his gut. This 21-day program gives you the meal plan, workout, and motivation you need to help you lose weight, boost your fat-burning metabolism, lower blood sugar, and strengthen your heart health. The best part: You can snag the entire guide for $21.20 on Saturday, July 23rd, starting at 7:20 a.m. EST as part of this Amazon deal.

Inside you'll get a proven program designed by author/dietitian Dezi Abeyta that’s helped hundreds of his clients banish stubborn belly fat. Plus it includes:

  • A 21-day meal plan, shopping lists, and delicious protein-rich recipes that crush cravings.

  • A workout plan that builds muscle mass and attacks the fat that matters most — dangerous visceral belly fat.

  • Abeyta’s “Mind-Set Toolbox,” of time-tested motivation techniques turn 21 days of practice into a healthy pattern to maintain your gains for life.

The only catch is that, if you're interested, you have to shop now. In just a few hours, The Lose Your Gut Guide is going back up to full price (at 7:20 p.m. EST to be exact). You owe it to your body, your heart, and your happiness to get this book and get started now!

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