Los Angeles Woman Clings To Car Roof As French Bulldog Is Stolen

A dog owner in Los Angeles experienced every puppy parent's worst nightmare when thieves snatched the leash of her French Bulldog while the owner and her pup were having lunch at Whole Foods on Grand Avenue and 8th Street on January 18.

The thieves stuck the dog named Onyx in their car, and Onyx's owner, Ali Zacharias, did everything in her power to stop them taking off with her precious pooch.

She jumped on the hood of their car as it sped through downtown Los Angeles, clinging on for dear life.

You can watch this harrowing ordeal here:

I can't even fathom the type of bravery it took for Zacharias to do this!

ABC 7 reports, "I didn't want the car to drive away, so I ran and stood in front of it. They drove into me and I fell on top of the hood, and just started to grab on... Before I knew it, they were like backing up and taking off," she recalled.

The thieves kept going for several blocks before swerving, sending Zacharias to the ground.

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Zacharias also made the saddest statement with, "I just feel lost and lonely without him. He's my buddy, he's my wing man. He goes to work with me, we do everything and he was just suddenly gone."

Anyone with any information about the little pup can call the Los Angeles Police Department at (877) 275-5273. There is a reward being offered for the pup's safe return.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Thieves on the Street

It's unthinkable to realize that this can just happen to a dog owner enjoying a lovely afternoon lunch with their pet, but bad people are everywhere and we all know that not only are French Bulldogs adorable, these dogs are incredibly expensive and appealing to dog thieves.

Make sure your dog is microchipped. That way if they are stolen and thieves try to re-register them you will be alerted.

Always keep your dog leashed while in public, and make sure you have a firm grip on your leash. Vary your walking patterns with your dog, and stay alert at night while walking your dog and have a whistle or alarm with you. Walk with a buddy whenever possible.

If the worst does happen, call 911 immediately. While we admire this dog owner's incredible bravery she could have been badly injured or worse. Give the police an address where the theft occurred,  a recent photo of your dog, their description, and your contact information.

Make posts on social media, include a photo of your dog and your contact information, and alert all your friends and family.

We hope Onyx is safe and sound at home with his owner soon. Our heart just breaks for them both.

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