Looking for Inspiration from Ancient Philosophers or Mythology? Check Out These 150 Greek Baby Names

Today, Greece is a series of more than 2,000 islands (with only 170 of those islands claiming meaningful population numbers) that is bordered by Turkey, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. It borders the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, boasting Europe's longest coastline. Greece is known for its sandy beaches, volcanic islands and historic temples.

Historically, though, Greece is known for so much more. Considered the cradle of modern Western culture, Ancient Greece held great and lasting influence over European politics, philosophy, art and scientific achievements. “In many ways, we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece,” said Nia Vardalos, a Canadian actress.

With this idea in mind, we've gathered 150 Greek baby names, and a fact or two about each one. Perhaps you'll recognize some root names of the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, for their influence is still highly felt as well.

Most Popular Greek Baby Names

1. Michael

Rooted in Hebrew, there are a number of Greek variations of this name too: Michaela, Michail and Michalis.

2. Peter

In biblical Greek, Petros. Means "stone."

3. Angelina

A feminine form of the word "angel." Variations are common in a number of languages.

4. Giannis

Modern Greek variant of Joannes (or John).

5. Nikolaos

Greek form of Nicholas.

6. Sophia

Greek word meaning "wisdom."

7. Georgia

Latinate feminine form of George.

8. Dimitrios

Derived from the name of the Greek goddess, Demeter.

9. Theodore

Means "gift of God."

10. Elena

An alternate form of the name "Helen."

11. Ariana

Means "the holiest one."

12. Melina

In Greek, means "honey."

13. George

In its original form, Georgios, meaning "farmer."

14. Timothy

A name meaning "one who honors God."

15. Helen

In Greek mythology, Helen was the daughter of Zeus. Also known as Helen of Troy, who was a cause of the Trojan War.

16. Dorothy

Means "God's gift," and derives from the name, Dorothea.

17. Barbara

Means "stranger" or "foreigner."

18. Stephen

In the book of Acts, Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Means "man with crown."

19. Philip

Means "friends of horses."

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20. Alexander

Remains a most popular boy name worldwide. One of the most famous people with this name is Alexander the Great, King of Macedon in the 4th century BC.

Greek Baby Names for a Boy

21. Bacchus

The god of wine in Ancient Rome. Name means "to shout."

22. Alastair

Means "defender of the people."

23. Harris

Means "grace," kindness." The modern form of the Greek name, Charis.

24. Nicos

Greek short form of Nicolaos.

25. Antonios

The Greek form of the name, Anthony.

26. Stefanos

The modern version of the name, "Stephen."

27. Adonis

In Greek mythology, the god of "beauty" and "desire."

28. Stelios

Shortened form of Stylianos, meaning "pillar." A feminine form of this name is "Stella.

29. Zacharias

Greek form of Zechariah. Father of John the Baptist in the Bible.

30. Pavlos

The modern Greek version of the name, "Paul."

31. Lucas

Means "bringer of light."

32. Andrew

Means "virile" or "manly." One of Jesus's twelve disciples.

33. Tobias

A name meaning "God is good."

34. Constantine

This name simply means "constant."

35. Leon

Meaning "lion."

36. Colin

This name means "people of victory."

37. Calix

Means "very handsome."

38. Matthaios

The Greek form of the name, "Matthew."

39. Dion

Means "child of heaven and earth."

40. Damian

A name meaning “divine power.”

41. Cyril

Means "lord."

42. Dorian

A literary Greek name, used as a male character in Oscar Wilde's, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

43. Apollo

In Greek mythology, son of Zeus. He was the god of medicine, poetry and music.

44. Adamos

An ancient Greek form of Alexander, which means "son of Adam."

45. Orpheus

A poet and musician from Greek mythology.

46. Eugene

The name means "noble" and "well-born."

47. Andreas

Ancient Greek and Latin form of Andrew.

48. Helios

According to Greek mythology, this is the sun god who brings the sunrise each day.

49. Linus

This name means "flaxen" (light soft straw color).

50. Arsenio

Meaning "strong" and "manly."

51. Perseus

In Greek mythology, he's the heroic son of Zeus who rescued Andromeda from the sea monster and defeated Medusa.

52. Achilles

Means "warrior." The hero of an epic written by Homer.

53. Aesop

Means "unclear."

54. Milos

Meaning "soldier."

55. Hermes

Herald and messenger for the Greek gods.

56. Ares

In Greek mythology, this is the god of war and courage.

57. Pan

In Greek mythology, the god of nature, the wild, shepherds, flocks and goats.

58. Dionysius

Greek god of festivals and parties.

59. Aristotle

Means "wise" or "knowledgeable." A famous scientist in the ancient world.

60. Pearson

Derived originally from "Peter." The name means "rock."

61. Phoenix

Meaning "dark red."

62. Hercules

In Ancient Greek mythology, it's spelled "Heracles." He was the son of Zeus and Alcmene.

63. Orion

While not certain, many attribute this name to the Greek word "horion," which means "limit" or "boundary."

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64. Atticus

Derived from an area in Greece that includes Athens.

65. Basil

Means "royal" and "brave" like a king.

66. Cole

This name means "victory of the people."

67. Lexus

A gender-neutral name that is a diminutive of the Greek name, Alexis.

68. Christopher

Means "bearer of Christ."

69. Gregory

This name means "watchful."

70. Socrates

Famous ancient Greek philosopher.

71. Deacon

A Greek name, also a biblical one, meaning "messenger" or "servant."

Greek Baby Names for a Girl

72. Anthea

Meaning "blooming flower."

73. Olympia

This one is on reserve for the biggest fans of Greek mythology—it literally means "from Mount Olympus."

74. Toula

Of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame, meaning "light."

75. Eleni

The modern Greek form of Helen.

76. Anastasia

A name meaning "to rise again or resurrect."

77. Eirini

Ancient Greek name meaning "peace," "tranquility" and "harmony."

78. Photini

According to church tradition, the name for the Samaritan woman at the well who spoke with Jesus. The name means "enlightened one."

79. Iris

From Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow.

80. Ismene

The name means "knowledgeable." In Greek mythology, the daughter and half-sister of Oedipus.

81. Thalia

The name means "to blossom."

82. Alessandra

"Protector of humanity."

83. Dimitra

Meaning "earth mother."

84. Cassandra

Meaning "shine upon mankind."

85. Persephone

In Greek mythology, the goddess of spring and the Greek underworld.

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86. Angeliki

Greek form of the name, Angelica.

87. Petroula

Greek feminine form of the name, Peter.

88. Avra

This name has its roots in a Greek word meaning "breeze."

89. Catrina

A variant of Katherine that means "chaste, pure."

90. Xenia

This name means "welcoming" and "hospitable."

91. Despoina

In Greek mythology, the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon. This name means "mistress, lady."

92. Theano

Several figures in Greek mythology had this name. "Theo" means goddess.

93. Evi

This name is an abbreviation of the Greek name, Paraskevi. In Hebrew, it's a form of Eve, the first woman.

94. Evangelia

Feminine form of the name, Evangelos, "bringing good news."

95. Katherine

Means "chaste, pure."

96. Marika

A Greek variation of the name Maria.

97. Vasia

This name means "royal." The female equivalent of the name Basil.

98. Antonia

A popular name in many languages—the feminine form of Anthony.

99. Chara

Means "happiness" or "joy" in Greek.

100. Margarita

Means "pearl," a borrowed word from the Persians.

101. Natalia

Meaning "birthday."

102. Theodora

The feminine form of "Theodore," meaning "God's present."

103. Timothea

The feminine form of "Timothy." It's derived from the words "time (honor)," and "theos," which means "God."

104. Maia

In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of spring.

105. Flora

This name actually originates from the Latin word, "flos," which means flower.

106. Koralia

A unique name, after an obscure 4th-century saint and martyr from Thrace.

107. Artemis

This name is from Greek mythology, after the goddess of the moon and hunting. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and had a twin brother, Apollo.

108. Bronte

This name is gender-neutral, and means "thunder."

109. Cassia

It means "cinnamon."

110. Lydia

Meaning "noble" and "beautiful one."

111. Agnes

Meaning "sacred" or "chaste."

112. Cynthia

This name has a couple of meanings, "moon goddess" or "from Mount Cynthus." Its roots are in Greek legends, as Mount "Kynthos" of the goddess, Artemis.

113. Xanthe

The name means "blonde-haired."

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114. Rue

Not just the name of the young girl in Hunger Games, it's also the name of an actual shrub, whose leaves are used as a culinary and medicinal herb.

115. Amaryllis

Means "to sparkle," but it's also the name of a bright red, pink or orange flower.

116. Rhea

This name means "a flowing stream of water."

117. Petra

A feminized form of "Peter."

118. Elara

In Greek mythology, a lover of Zeus and the mother of the giant Tityos.

119. Sybil

In ancient Greece, a sybil was a term describing a well-known prophetess.

120. Hera

Another mythological goddess, who was the daughter of the Titans, Cronus and Rhea, sister-wife of Zeus, and queen of the Olympian gods.

121. Circe

Although she is identified as a goddess in Greek mythology, she's better known for being a sorceress or witch. She's one of the characters in Homer's Odysseus.

122. Indigo

A gender-neutral name meaning "dye from India." As a color, indigo falls between blue and purple.

123. Pandora

In Greek mythology, the first human woman created by Hephaestus on the instructions of Zeus.

124. Asteria

This name means "of the stars."

125. Maryam

Of Hebrew origin, certain ancient scripts used this form of the name, Mary. One popular Miriam in the Bible was Moses's sister.

126. Calypso

This name means "she who conceals." In case this word feels slightly familiar, it's also a style of Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago.

127. Astraea

In Greek mythology, the goddess of innocence.

128. Larissa

This name, common among Eastern Orthodox communities, is either named after a nymph in Greek mythology, or an ancient city in Greece.

129. Ambrosia

The food or drink of the Greek gods means "immortal."

130. Yolanda

This name means "modest."

131. Dorothea

The name means "God's gift."

132. Agatha

Means simply "good."

133. Alexa

A form of the ancient boy's name, "Alexander."

134. Daphne

In Greek mythology, she was a nymph turned into a laurel tree, hiding her from Apollo. The name means "laurel tree."

135. Clarissa

Means "brilliant."

136. Nicole

A victorious name in Greek mythology. Traditionally, this name has French and Greek roots.

137. Penelope

Means "weaver." Popularized by Homer’s The Odyssey.

138. Phoebe

Meaning "one who shines bright and pure." In scripture, a deaconess.

139. Chloe

Means "blooming" or "fertility."

140. Ophelia

Meaning "helpful" and "wise."

141. Selena

This name means "the moon."

142. Tiffany

The name means "manifestation of God."

143. Junia

"Queen of heaven." An early church apostle.

144. Athena

In Greek mythology, the "goddess of wisdom."

145. Katarina

Meaning "pure."

146. Monika

Taken from two ancient Greek words, mónos and monachós, meaning "unique" or "hermit."

147. Cora

This name means "girl," "maiden" or "daughter."

148. Zoe

An ancient form of the name, "Eve," and means "life."

149. Pamela

Meaning "all sweetness."

150. Eleanor

Greek and French in origin, meaning "light-hearted; shining light."

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