Look: You Can Turn Any Unwaxed Curb Into An Instant Skate Spot With Curb Cover

Wax works. Salba sauce. A number of different clear coats. I'm not taking anything away from those dedicated souls who combine a little effort and TLC to bring life to the endless sea of unwaxed curbs across the globe.

But for those less ambitious souls out there, Curb Cover has you covered. You can turn any unwaxed curb or ledge into a day of endless fun with this epic slab of angled metal.

These things are sick, especially when you start to imagine the possibilities beyond curbs. Think loading dock edges, brick ledges, rough hubbas or out-ledges—the possibilities are pretty endless.

Curb Covers come with a custom felt backing that grips concrete. Ingenuity at its finest. This ensures that the cover will hold during the hardest tricks, from the hardest skaters. They're designed to be extra porous—for extra grip—without sacrificing durability.

From your front yard to the curb you've been eyeing in the empty parking lot down the street...to really anywhere your mind might wander—these things are a quick, fun way to spark a session and get rad with your friends. Give 'em a follow and learn more.

Slappy Hour starts early today!

Video / @curbcover

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