Look: Snowboarder Changes Plans After Triggering Avalanche

John Jackson, aka @johnjamun, is one of the most experienced professional snowboarders riding today. He has been filming jaw-dropping video parts since before many of you reading this were born. After an avalanche earlier this winter in the Tahoe area, he assessed the rest of the trip differently.

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"Little warm up from a couple weeks ago. I didn’t expect this pocket to pop. Definitely changed our plans for the rest of the day."- John Jackson

It is a pretty incredible lesson to see just scrolling on Instagram, a widely popular rider showing the unexpected happening right in front of them. Even the most experienced in the backcountry have to constantly observe and adjust to what is going on around them. This is also a good reminder to go watch some of the Crowley Lake-born's highlights from an incredible career out in the mountains. From the Forum and Standard movies to projects like That's It, That's All and The Art of Flight... John is a certified legend!

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