Look: Ryan Decenzo Wants To Know If This Is A Kickflip Noseslide or Noseblunt?

A debate like this wouldn't typically happen between these two tricks, but on a spot like this, it's fair to ask—is this a kickflip noseblunt or noseslide?

I have my thoughts, as I'm sure most of you have yours, but it does seem like Ryan Decenzo is somehow rolling up to this gap-to-rail directly in the middle as he flips into it. A heavy trick for this spot either way, what do you guys think?

I'm personally saying noseblunt, and if you click through the comments, that seems to be the general consensus as well. Still, it's one of those mind warps that seems to change the more you watch it. We need a straight on angle!

Again, like I said, whether noseblunt or noseslide, it's a super rad trick for this spot. Of all the tricks to do on it, and that have been done on it, I can appreciate Decenzo's approach here. No surprise, though... Ryan always seems to be on it. He's a clip stacking machine and has always been the type of skater who will step to any spot and produce.

Shoutout to the person who commented, "Looks more like a nollie heel 50/50 to me." There's always room for a joke.

Video / @ryandecenzo

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