Look: How Many Spins Is This?

This is the second post of the week featuring Jake Canter, but it is the first from Twitter. We could tell you what the spin is, but it is more fun for you to try and figure it out (WITHOUT STOPPING THE VIDEO OR SLOWING IT DOWN). Judges have a muscle memory for knowing what the body looks like on each spin as it flies by them in real time at a contest, but for the rest of us... it is pretty tough. His last two spins are so fast, we would like to get the miles per hour calculator they use in baseball to see what top speed he hits.

Now that we are past the video, we can tell you it is a 1800 degree spin, but you have to do the division on that one fo figure out how many actual rotations that is. The last rotation is even slightly off axis, making it a quite impressive spin for Canter. Quickly rising in talent, keep an eye out for him over the next few seasons on the contest scene.

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