Look: Hundreds Of Skiers Crowd Slope For Fresh Powder

As wonderful as they are, powder days typically have one nagging issue: crowds.

This truism applies in spades to this video from Snowbird involving a shockingly large group of skiers descending upon Mineral Basin. It's nuts.

Yikes. I often lament that my home resort is all two-seaters and questionable snow conditions, but then I remember that the jankiness of my local usually keeps the crowds away. It's a tradeoff I'm willing to make most days, particularly after watching this clip.

Yes, I love skiing pow as much as the next guy, but if skiing pow means I need to wait in hour-long lift lines and fight with my fellow skiers, I'm typically okay with settling for lesser conditions or just hitting the backcountry.

This shot is from a rope drop in Mineral Basin, a well-known ski resort ritual wherein patrol provides access to a previously closed portion of the resort. And at Snowbird, as you can probably tell, rope drops are hectic. Here's the map of Mineral Basin, located in Snowbird's backside area.



While this video was shot earlier this season, Snowbird's still spinning the bull wheels for those interested in spring skiing. The resort plans to remain open until June 18th, with possible season extensions as late as July 4th.

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