Look: Chairlift Riders Watch As Skier Sends Huge Cliff

In the mood to watch a proper hate huck?

Look no further. Here's a video of a skier absolutely sending it earlier this season at Crystal Mountain, Washington.

The cliff in this video is called "Hollywood." It sits under Crystal Moutain's popular Chair 6, which provides access to a slew of committing big mountain terrain.

I grew up skiing Crystal, so I've spent lots of time looking at "Hollywood" and fantasizing about one day taking the leap.

The cliff holds a mythical status among locals. Whenever someone hit "Hollywood," word spread quickly, earning the daring hucker the lifelong title of "Guy or Gal Who Hit Hollywood." Looks like the skier in this video, Jack Kari, has officially joined that pantheon.

Location of "Hollywood" in red circle.<p>Crystal Mountain Resort</p>
Location of "Hollywood" in red circle.

Crystal Mountain Resort

Sadly, I'm not a member of the "Hollywood" senders inner circle. My primary experience with the well-known cliff factors into a long-running prank that one of my old ski friends used to play.

Whenever we were on a two-seater together, he'd wait until we were at the tallest, scariest part of the lift and yell, "Holy s**t!!" Without fail, I'd nearly jump off the lift in terror every time he'd do this.

Riding over "Hollywood" is the most exposed part of Chair 6, meaning I've had "Holy s**t" yelled at me countless times above the legendary cliff. Thanks, Berk.

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