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Kate Middleton's favorite Longchamp tote is a timeless buy — and it's on sale at Nordstrom

If there's one thing the royal family has, it's an impeccable sense of style. You can't go wrong with anything Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle leaves the house wearing or carrying. So if you're in the market for a classic bag that's built to last, take your cue from the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge and grab the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote, a timeless accessory that's currently on sale thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

The durable nylon bag is lightweight, sleek, sturdy and built to last. An inside pocket adds easy organization, plus it's water-resistant for rainy days. 

$100 at Nordstrom

Middleton's sported bags by the cult-favorite brand since her school days — in fact, she carried a small, chocolate brown Longchamp tote at her college graduation. And Markle's been a Longchamp lover for as long as she's been on our radar: She was spotted with the smaller version of the Le Pliage tote in khaki at a pre-Emmys event in Los Angeles back in 2005. The royal appeal of Longchamp totes is obvious: They're understated, they're versatile and they look expensive — but their price points are actually pretty reasonable.

The Longchamp Le Pliage Tote is a fashion mainstay, from Kate Middleton to travelers and everyday style enthusiasts around the world. (Photo: Getty/Nordstrom)
The Longchamp Le Pliage Tote is a fashion mainstay, from Kate Middleton to travelers and everyday style enthusiasts around the world. (Photo: Getty/Nordstrom)

"C'est magnifique! I love this classic so much I've gotten six of them over the last few years," wrote one classy customer who noted that the tote is perfect for travel. "Knew I was onto something when I counted the number of Longchamp bags on a trip to London in first class, and even more at baggage claim some years ago. I can't go anywhere in NYC subways, streets, or gym without spotting one or more of the large totes. Some things are universal and this tote is definitely one of the best."

Kate Middleton Longchamp Pliage tote bag
Kate Middleton carries the Longchamp Pliage tote through Brisbane Airport after the royal tour of Southeast Asia in 2012. (Photo by Newspix via Getty Images)

The casual, elegant staple is also lightweight and foldable, making it the perfect accessory for travel. In fact, you're bound to catch Kate toting her trusty Longchamp whenever she's en route, whether it's through the Brisbane Airport or landing home in London via helicopter.

The iconic statement bag is truly a no-brainer go-to that should be a part of anyone's wardrobe, but there's a very good reason it's such a great travel companion. The Pliage tote bag was actually created 30 years ago by Philippe Cassegrain, the son of Longchamp's founder, after he returned from visiting Japan. The accessories expert created the exact kind of bag he'd want to travel with, and his idea clearly resonated.

"This bag has made my journeys to work so much more bearable. I travel by train to work and I need to take a lot with me — makeup bag, lunch, wallet, hair products, a sweater, sometimes socks or tights too. This bag fits all of it, no problem," wrote a traveling fan. "I have even started using this bag as a carry on for flying. It takes up much less space and is a lot less hassle."

We especially love this expandable version of the bag because when you unzip the middle zipper you get a few extra inches of storage room, making it the perfect tote for shopping trips and traveling.

$140 at Nordstrom

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