Long-Wearing Pencil Eyeliners to Enhance, Define, & Tight-Line

Mia Maguire

Whether for defining, tight-lining, or smudging, pencil eyeliners are one of the most versatile, multi-purpose eye products out there. While liquid, cream, and gel eyeliners tend to be better formulas for creating more precise lines, like cat-eyes, french-flicks, and wings, kohl and pencil liners give you the ability to add definition to your upper and lower lashline, apply on the lid for a smokey eye effect, rim your waterline for a smoldering look, and well, the list of look options goes on and on. Pencil liners, however, often get a bad rap for smearing, burning, and fading throughout the day, resulting in an unwanted raccoon vibe, but with...

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