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Lolo Jones, 39, says she 'gets teased all the time' for stance on premarital sex

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Lolo Jones is getting candid about her dating life, yet again, sharing in a new post that she keeps getting her heart broken as she looks for love.

“Tonight I blocked the guy I was talking to for 8 months. My heart just couldn’t take it anymore,” she shared on Instagram. “He gave me so many mixed signals. He would talk about marriage and kids but then keep me in the friend zone. He would never make time to see me. My heart is so heavy.”

The 39-year-old Olympic hurdler and bobsledder went on to say that she’s “so exhausted” by her dating life and is struggling to find a man to answer her prayers.

“I have continually asked God to honor me with A Godly man. I’ve prayed for years and with many tears for God please to allow me to find my husband. I even prayed if God didn’t want me to be married to remove the desire from my heart. But as the years grow I want to be married more and desire badly to have a family of my own. And I just keep getting my heart broke.”

Jones has been open about her relationship status in the past, sharing at 37 that she is a virgin and saving herself for marriage. In a later conversation with Kevin Hart, she shared that being so open “killed” a lot of her dating potential and felt like “a mistake.”

On social media, she said that her virgin status is still a topic of public conversation.

“I get teased all the time because I won’t have premarital sex. Guys will [direct message] me that I’m old. I’m washed up I should just put out already. So I’m just crying out. Where are you God? Your word says John 14:14. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it,” she wrote. “I’m asking God to please honor the desire of my heart. Your word says two are better than one. Ecc 4:9-12 I’m just asking God to honor my heart because faith is hurting right now. I’m tired of getting teased. I’m asking God my father, my protector, my provider please show up. Please honor me.”

Jones received an outpour of love and support in the comment section from friends and fans. Actress and singer Keke Palmer expressed that Jone’s story “is a beautiful written testimony!”

“God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. It’s okay to feel tested, that’s humanity. Everything is going according to plan, stay true to what’s in your heart and the universe will too,” Palmer continued. “So proud of you! It’s not easy to stand up for ourselves all the time, but dammit you are doing it and doing it well!!!”

Others assured Jones that she deserves “the best.”

The following morning, the athlete took to Instagram again to post a video of her saying, “Wow did I post that? Oops,” in response to being so candid on a platform with over 568,000 followers. In the comment section, she assured followers that she’s not ashamed to have been so open.

“I regret nothing,” she wrote. “I just want to thank you everyone for the messages and prayers. Now I’m about to get real. I was so hurt last night I just wanted to chug a bottle of alcohol to make the pain less and I don’t even drink like that! I felt lonely and my heart hurt. I felt forgotten by God. I don’t have the answers and I don’t have some fairy tale ending to my story to say hey everyone have faith it all works out. I’m the Israelites in the desert. All I can say is last night God helped me get thru the night with a heavy heart. I did not drink instead I read as many encouraging messages I could from you guys, I prayed for other people that sent me messages. I felt many people going thru similar hardships yet still fighting in faith. That encouraged me. Thank you.”

Many more supporters shared uplifting sentiments.

“Vulnerability and honesty are attractive traits that so many people try to mask or hide. Don't ever apologize for being genuine. May God continue to surround you with love and light. And good people who appreciate and accept you just as you are,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “You got this Lolo! All of the pain and tears will be worth it. You will see very soon. Be encouraged!”

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