You’ll Never Leave the House Again if You Have a Pair of These Indoor Slippers

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Now that cooler weather is on the way, it’s time to cozy up inside the house. The best men’s house slippers are the perfect thing guys need to slip those achy dogs into after a long day at work, when walking in your best robe from the bedroom to your shower or even after a long day on the couch, we won’t judge you.

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However, there’s one rule of thumb when it comes to house slippers: you don’t want to wear them outside because when you come back inside, they’ll attract dirt and other things throughout the entire house. And no one wants that. So, while some of the men’s slippers on this list could technically work for a quick trip outside to the mailbox, you’ll really want to stay inside if you have these on your feet.

We’ve got some stellar selects waiting for you to have your Cinderella moment. From trusted brands like UGG and Sorel to the luxury fashion house Versace and Vetements and even some other brands you might not have even heard of until now, let’s dive into some of the best men’s house slippers for optimal indoor lounging.

1. Crocs Fuzzy Lined Clog


It’s no doubt that Crocs became the shoe of 2021 for their overwhelmingly ugly-yet-stylish appearance. It’s a fashion trend we’ve known about for ages but have finally hit peak popularity. As they deserve, too! To celebrate Crocs this year, check out the Crocs Fuzzy Lined Clog, your favorite outdoor and indoor slipper. These Crocs have a cuddly, fuzzy inside to keep your feet warm no matter where you bring ’em. Plus, they come in a variety of fun colors. Because, duh, they’re Crocs.

We love them so much, we named Crocs the Best Slippers in the 2021 Man, SPY’s end-of-year product awards.

Crocs Fuzzy Lined Clog
Crocs Fuzzy Lined Clog

Buy: Crocs Fuzzy Lined Clog $59.99

2. UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper


Ease and comfort are the names of the game here, and these UGG Men’s Scuff Slippers take home the top honor. It’s no surprise that UGG holds a spot (actually, a few) on this list because the brand is very well-known for its warm and comfortable footwear. These premium suede slippers come in an array of colors (including chestnut, black, blue and espresso) and feature an ultra-soft sheepskin lining making them a great Christmas gift for men. Slip these bad boys on your feet, and you’ll be ready to chill in style.

best men's house slippers: brown suede UGG Men's Scuff Slipper
best men's house slippers: brown suede UGG Men's Scuff Slipper

Buy: UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper $79.95

3. Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers


Let’s set the scene — you’ve rolled up to the cabin for a two-week winter getaway and packed your coziest house slippers for what you expect to be a relaxing retreat. But within a couple of days, your shoes smell so foul they could double as a bear repellent. The solution? Wool slippers, which are naturally odor-resistant. These house slippers are made in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan using the wool from hillside sheep in the area. They’re as comfy as comfy gets and the slippers are built to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers
Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers

Buy: Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers $69.00

4. Greats The Foster Slipper


These shoes are slippers, but they’re so stylish that you’ll be tempted to wear them everywhere you go. They have a quilted upper with a supportive footbed for all-day WFH comfort. They’re available in a range of different colors, too. The men’s and women’s styles are grouped together, so be mindful when picking out the size.


Buy: Greats Slippers $70.00 (orig. $99.00) 29% OFF

5. Adidas Adilette Slides


Okay, slides aren’t the same as slippers. But bear with us — Adidas Adilette slides are some of the best house shoes you can get. They’re supportive and comfortable, so you can pad around the hardwood floors of your apartment without tiring your feet. Plus, you can wear them year-round — without socks in the summer, with your coziest tube socks when it gets cold.


Buy: Adidas Adilette Slides $45.00

6. Mack Weldon One-Mile Slipper


The One-Mile Slippers from Mack Weldon are your wear-all-day slippers. You know, when it’s Sunday and you want to do nothing but stay inside. These are the kinds of slippers you wear when you let the dogs out in the backyard instead of taking them for a walk. The type where the furthest you’ll step outside is to pick up your Amazon package from the mailbox. They’re packed with comfortable additives that include a memory foam bottom, waterproof and slip-resistant sole, anti-odor interior and water resistance. How can you hate them?

Mack Weldon One-Mile Slipper
Mack Weldon One-Mile Slipper

Buy: Mack Weldon One-Mile Slipper $64.00

7. Glerups Wool Slippers


These house slippers from Glerups are a great option for staying warm and keeping your feet fresh — they’re made from felted wool, which is naturally odor-resistant. They have an open-back for easy slipping on and off. The wool upper and leather sole make them a more durable option than synthetic alternatives.


Buy: Glerups House Slippers $95.00

8. LL Bean Men’s Wicked Good Slipper


When it’s really cold, an open-back house slipper won’t cut it. These slippers from LL Bean are the boot version of your standard slipper, with a shaft that extends up the ankle. They’re lined with genuine lamb shearling for warmth, while the outer is made from sheepskin.


Buy: LL Bean $99.00

9. Teva ReEmber Fleece Slippers


Teva’s ReEmber Fleece Slippers are odd-looking — in the best way possible. They have a triangular-paneled recycled fleece upper, making them look a bit like a fluffy teddy jacket down jackets, but for your feet. The back of the heel is unstructured, so that you can wear it around your ankles or just step into them as backless shoes. While these slippers look like they’re made solely for the indoors, surprise! You can wear them outside, too.

Teva ReEmber Fleece Slippers
Teva ReEmber Fleece Slippers

Buy: Teva ReEmber Fleece Slippers $85.00

10. Bombas Men’s Gripper Slipper


Part shoe, part sock, these slippers from Bombas are the best of both worlds. They’re loosely structured so you can easily fold them up and pack them, but they have a fluffy lining and textured dimples on the bottom to grip the floor as you walk around. Plus, these slippers are machine washable, making them easy to care for.

Bombas Men's Gripper Slipper
Bombas Men's Gripper Slipper

Buy: Bombas Slippers $40.00

11. Dockers Roll Collar Clog Slippers


If you’re looking to land at a reasonable price point, then the Docker’s clog house slippers are a fair go-to. They even feature an odor-blocking technology that’ll help keep the slippers smelling fresh and clean, which, let’s face it, can sometimes be a problem. You can grab a pair of these suede-sole slippers for just over $30, and they’re available in black, brown or tan.

Dockers Roll Collar Clog Slippers
Dockers Roll Collar Clog Slippers

Buy: Dockers Roll Collar Clog Slippers $38.00

12. REEF Glider Slippers


Much like many of the other selects on the list, these are coated with a nice layer of premium suede, but this time, the suede is ethically sourced. The slips continue on with a faux shearling liner and a padded footbed for some of the coziest slip-ons you’ll ever place on your feet. They’ve got that classic backless look to them which makes them uber convenient for taking on and off. Plus, they’re just $60. How can you beat that?

REEF Glider Slippers
REEF Glider Slippers

Buy: REEF Glider Slippers $60.00

13. Versace Black Baroque Slippers


These Versace men’s house slippers need no introduction. One look at the black and gold color scheme with the Grecian accent design immediately points all fingers towards the legacy fashion house. These slippers are luxe for a reason, as they’re crafted from a super-cozy terrycloth, so it’s like slipping your feet into a personalized bathrobe. These are a nice setup for someone who is looking to treat their toes like royalty.

Versace Black Baroque Slippers
Versace Black Baroque Slippers

Buy: Versace Black Baroque Slippers $125.00

14. UGG Men’s Tasman Slipper


If you’re a fan of UGG’s style and reliability, but want a little more coverage around the back of the heel, then these stylish Tasman slippers are the way to go. The 100% suede slippers feature a thicker sole than the UGG slides do, providing just a touch more support on the bottom of the foot. Much like the rest of the UGG line, they’re lined with soft sheepskin and a pure wool insole. We also love the cross-stitch pattern that runs along the edge of the slipper, giving it some unique substance to stand out against the rest.

UGG Men's Tasman Slipper
UGG Men's Tasman Slipper

Buy: UGG Men’s Tasman Slipper $99.95

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