So This Is What Lizzo and Chris Evans’s Baby Would Look Like

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This bit is starting to get out of control. After her drunken D.M. was well-received by the Captain America star, Lizzo began joking on TikTok that she and Chris Evans were expecting a child together…and now we have a picture of what their kid would look like. 

On Tuesday, August 24, the “Rumors” singer posted a duet to TikTok in which she watched user @maryscartoons “blend” a picture of her and a picture of her favorite Avenger to create a half-Evans, half-Lizzo hybrid, a beautiful young woman who would surely take Hollywood by storm. Not the mash-up we were expecting, but a collab we're here for nonetheless.

In the video, Lizzo looks on rather placidly, before reacting to the finished product by posing with a fake baby bump. “WAIT A DAMN MIN,” she wrote in the caption. Yeah, she likes what she sees.

The musician is clearly having fun pretending to be pregnant; she made another video posing with her “bump,” although we know it's fake because she didn't have it when she wore that excellent bodysuit the other day.

But not every man in Hollywood gets Lizzo's stamp of approval, even if they're fans. In another recent duet, the musician tells Full House star Bob Saget to “cut. it. out.” with his poorly lip-synched vids. (If you don't get the reference…have fun being a child.)

All of the videos make use of her new single “Rumors,” which also features Cardi B. Fitting, given that the song and her Toks are all about, well, starting and surviving rumors. What's that they always say? No such thing as bad press? Given that the song is currently climbing the charts, we'd say she knows how to capitalize on the attention she gets, and we mean that as a compliment. You're nobody till you're talked about…as the potential mother of Chris Evans's baby.

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