Liza Koshy's Sculpted Body In A Disco Ball Naked Dress On IG = 🔥🔥🔥

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Liza Koshy's Sculpted Body In A Disco Ball Naked Dress On IG = 🔥🔥🔥
  • Liza Koshy hit an event this week wearing a disco ball naked dress that showed off her totally toned legs and...everything.

  • Liza shared photos and a video from the event on her Instagram feed, and her fans and friends freaked out.

  • The star is committed to pursuing wellness, and loves mixing up her workouts.

ICYMI, the Fashion Trust U.S.’s inaugural awards ceremony was this week and, naturally, people brought their A-game when it came to red carpet fashion. Case in point: Liza Koshy showed up in a fabulous naked chain mail dress that was simply epic.

The YouTube star shared several photos and video on Instagram of herself working the dress, and it’s not something you want to miss. First, there’s Liza showing off her strong legs and arms in the disco-style dress, layered over nude briefs. Next up is Liza on the red carpet posing for all she’s worth, and then Liza goofing off with a bunch of friends at the ceremony.

“Disco ball went out for a spin,” she joked in the caption. Of course, people were all over the look in the comments section. “Hot🔥,” said Jessie James Decker, while someone else wrote, “Your photo would be next to the word SLAY in the dictionary 😍.”

Liza is no stranger to a peek-a-boo fashion moment. She wore a see-through dress to the Golden Globes that put her lacy thong and toned booty on full display.

It's natural to be curious about her fitness routines, because Liza is looking seriously strong and happy these days. She previously opened up to Women’s Health about what she does to maintain her peak level of wellness. Liza joked that she’s in an “open relationship” with wellness, adding, “I crave it, I want it, I strive for it, but I just can’t get myself to stay committed to it.”

Liza made it clear that she’s not a morning person—she likes to get out of bed around noon. She immediately slips on workout gear and, after breakfast, does a workout with the Don’t Sweat It Alone app.

Liza runs, too—she told WH that it helps with her anxiety. “It’s a meditation for me,” she said. “Running to the beat and just being out of my head and in the world, and doing one thing over and over and over again…I’m totally present in my body.”

Sometimes, she adds strength training to the mix, noting that it “has made me stronger and a faster runner.”

When it comes to fueling up for those workouts (and let's be honest, a busy life in general), Liza tries to eat four vegan meals a week, with protein in each meal. She also loves what she calls a “weird-ass omelet” of banana, egg, and protein powder, covered in melted chocolate, peanut butter, and Magic Spoon Cereal.

Keep doing you, Liza!

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