I Live in a Tiny Apartment and This $20 Find Is a Game Changer on Laundry Day

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One of my favorite things about small-space living is how creative it forces you to get. From strategically using the space under my bed and sofa for extra storage, to taking advantage of every square inch of vertical space I can (a bathroom vanity can work wonders in a sleep space — really!), I feel like I’ve become a pro at this small-space-living thing.

Having lived in my studio for almost three years now, I can say it has made me a very conscious shopper. Whenever I’m tempted to buy something, I always stop and ask myself, “Is there a product out there better suited to my space than this?” And I can confidently say that over the last few years, this way of thinking has led me to some pretty interesting finds I can’t stop telling my fellow small-space dwellers about. Case in point, my favorite small-space laundry find: the Whitmor Over the Door Drying Rack.

Whitmor Over-the-Door Drying Rack
Whitmor Over-the-Door Drying Rack

Whitmor Over-the-Door Drying Rack

$19.99 at Amazon

What Is the Whitmor Over-the-Door Drying Rack?

Clean, simple, and compact, this drying rack is honestly a must for any apartment dweller. Effortlessly hanging off the back of any door, it couldn’t be easier to use. All there is to do is hang it, prop it open, and get to drying. Offering four bars’ worth of hanging space, the rack also comes with four optional clothing hooks that you can string across the body for even more drying opportunities. Once your clothes are dry, simply empty the rack, fold it up, close your door, and you’re good to go — out of sight, out of mind.

Why I Love the Whitmor Over-the-Door Drying Rack

I initially began a hunt for the perfect drying rack because, frankly, I was getting sick of stringing my delicates over my shower door. However, as much as I wanted one, I didn’t have the floor space to sacrifice for a traditional drying rack. Then I remembered the cardinal rule of small-space living: Think vertically. I headed over to Amazon, typed in “over the door drying rack,” and the rest is history.

For me, this hanging drying rack was the perfect solution to my problem. I’m blessed enough to have an in-unit washer and dryer that’s hidden behind two doors, so finding a door to hang it on was no problem (although if this wasn’t the case, I’d definitely hang it over my bathroom door). Setting it up was easy: First I hung the rack hooks over the door, then I aligned the body of the rack with the prongs on the hooks for a secure hold. That’s it. I’ve been obsessed with this find for years now, and have told pretty much anyone who will listen about it. So I had to make sure it was on your radar, too.

While most drying racks can cost well over $30, this space-saving solution comes in at just $20, making it a cost-effective find as well. So if you’re tired of not having a dedicated space to dry your delicates and don’t want something big and bulky taking up room in your tiny space, consider this the answer you’ve been looking for. Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got some laundry to take care of. 

Buy: Whitmor Over the Door Drying Rack, $19.99