Live Like Carl and Ellie (Without the Sad Ending) in New “Up House” Airbnb

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If you ever watched Pixar’s heartwarming, imaginative 2009 film Up and thought, “Wow, I’d sure love to see what that big floating house would be like to live in,” you might be getting your chance.

As a part of Airbnb’s new “Icons” line of vacation homes, the house from Up has been painstakingly recreated in Abiquiu, New Mexico and is available to book now. The Airbnb listing, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of Up, is “hosted” by the film’s protagonist Carl Frederickson and features a myriad of elements from the original film — Ellie’s Adventure Book, Dug the talking dog, and yes, the balloons. The listing features a photo of the balloon-laden property being lifted by a crane high up in the air, so if you rent, you might want to hold onto the porch railing when stepping outside.

The two-bed, one-bathroom “Up House” also promises activities like “wilderness excursions,” “mini adventures,” stargazing, and a breakfast of “Bran Flakes.” Billed as a “great place to explore nature,” requests to stay at the house are open now and will close on May 13th.

Believe it or not, the Up excursion is just one of several new AirBnB “Icon” homes being rolled out this year. Westchester, New York is home to a newly renovated mansion fashioned as a recreation of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, specifically the one from the Marvel Animation series X-Men ’97. The “X Mansion” is complete with a massive Sentinel head plastered in the front yard, X-Men-themed bedrooms, and personalized and immersive X-Men experiences like a cocktail lab and a combat training stunt course.

Meanwhile, fans of Prince’s 1984 opus can now stay at the late artist’s “Purple Rain House” in Minneapolis, purchased specifically for the album’s accompanying film. The house has never been available to the general public until now, and guests will be able to hear rare and unreleased Prince recordings.

Air BnB’s “Icons” line also features special one-off experiences — including a special standup and tequila tasting event with Kevin Hart, a “Living Room Session” with Doja Cat, a Fortnite battle with TikTok star Khaby Lame, and a week on tour with Latin superstar Feid. Other “sleepover” experiences include stays at Paris’ Musée d’Orsay on the eve of the 2024 Olympics, a lock-in at the Ferrari Museum in Italy, and an overnight stay at a recreation of the “headquarters” found in Disney’s upcoming film, Inside Out 2.

The new “Icons” experiences have been in the works with Airbnb for a while. Previous entertainment-centered Airbnbs included stays at Shrek’s Swamp, the mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the pub from Ted Lasso, and even the world’s last Blockbuster video store.

Check out photos of Air Bnb’s upcoming “Icons” collection below.

Live Like Carl and Ellie (Without the Sad Ending) in New “Up House” Airbnb
Paolo Ragusa

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