Little Pup Earns 'Level 10 Guard Dog' Status and It's Priceless

Dogs do so much for us — they're our best friends, they get us out for fresh air in the mornings, and sometimes they even guard the house. Okay, well not every dog is a good guard dog. But don't tell that to one little guy, who was ready to take on anyone or thing that came up to his house despite his size.

The adorable footage was shared by the dog's owner, who was cracking up when he saw his pint-sized pupper ready to post up and watch his house.

Something tells us that @macro0532's dog has done this in the past. In the video he shared online, a woman scooped the dog up in her arms and plopped him up on the seat right by the window. Now it's no secret that dogs love to look outside, but what had the dog dad rolling was the fact that the dog hopped onto its hind-quarters and sat up like it was a Prairie Dog. He was ready for anything! No one was getting by him.

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"Level 10 guard dog," the man joked in the text overlay.

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing either. "Bro got into his defense form," joked one person. "Dog turned around like WUT. Don’t laugh, it ain’t funny…." another commenter teased. "He takes his job very seriously," kidded a third commenter. "Better brew that guy a pot of coffee ... he's pulling a double duty," chimed in someone else.

How to Train a Dog to Guard Your House

Obviously this little guy has his guard dog skills innately within him. But if you're looking to beef up security and train your dog to guard your house, there are ways.

You'll first need to train your dog in basic obedience. That means sit, stay, roll over...etc. If you have a yard it's best to do training there so that your dog will learn to be territorial of that land. Don't skimp on teaching your dog impulse control. That will help if your dog is a people lover who greets everyone with kisses. Teach your dog to sit and patiently wait when you have a guest over.

After the end of each obedience lesson, go over your property with your dog. That way they'll get to know the house. Eventually you'll want to leave your dog alone in the area that he or she needs to guard. When you feel confident that he or she is ready, have someone your dog doesn't know make noise in the area. When your dog spots the intruder, have them make a noise like they're scared and run off. It might not work the first time, especially if your dog is friendly. But keep at it and eventually they'll understand that their job is to keep strangers away.

Or you could just get a dog like this one, who already has his security guard skills on lock.

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