'Little People, Big World' Fans, Matt Roloff Might’ve Dropped a Big Season 25 Clue

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Longtime fans of TLC are familiar with the hit reality series Little People, Big World. When it first debuted in March 2006, viewers immediately fell in love with Matt Roloff, his now ex-wife Amy, and their four children Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob. Each episode documented the family members' lives while Matt, Amy and Zach also navigated living with different levels of dwarfism. As the years went on, the family expanded, severed and overall, made for great reality TV.

Viewers may know that season 24 of the TLC series finished airing in early January, and much has happened since then. In late April, Matt shared his engagement to Caryn Chandler after six years of dating. This also comes months after Matt announced his plans to use a portion of Roloff Farms for fans to stay for vacation purposes, causing a rift between the family. What's more, the kids are busy with their own lives — Zach and wife Tori are raising their children while Jeremy and wife Isabel are busy cultivating their own farmland.

With the intermingling of business and family drama, folks are curious about whether TLC will bring Little People, Big World back for season 25. Given the show's popularity, it's likely so. Plus, Matt dropped a hint that seemingly implies all things are a-go.

When is Little People, Big World coming back for season 25?

At the moment, there is no exact date for when Little People, Big World will return with new season 25 episodes. That said, back on February 22, Matt posted a series of photos from Roloff Farms during a snowstorm. In one of the images, he showed his followers that TV cameras were pointed at him, implying that he was in the middle of filming.

"Just started pouring down snow here at the farm @rolofffarms brrrrr," he captioned the Instagram post. "Changing all the setups to interior work."

Most recently, Matt caught up fans with details about what he's been doing behind the scenes, including being in front of the cameras.

"I’ve been super busy building my house, keeping up with growing grandkids, reorganizing the farm, working with Jacob on the new commercial Well/irrigation system (5years in the making)… making TV shows and mostly just enjoying my engagement and Time with Caryn!" he wrote in part on Instagram on May 1. "I’ll try to continue to keep you all up to date the best I can — sometimes I forget to take photos!"

But Matt isn't the only person who has confirmed that the show is in the process of coming back. In an Instagram story posted in April, Amy shared a photo with a camera setup facing her.

matt roloff when is little people big world coming back
Amy Roloff / Instagram

She added that her dog Daisy Mae was just hidden from view while she and her husband Chris Marek did an interview. It's unknown if it was for a segment on Little People, Big World or an interview for a different project altogether.

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'Little People, Big World'

As for whether the kids will be featured on the new season, it's hard to say. But it looks like Zach and Tori might be considering the possibility of leaving Little People, Big World in order to explore more opportunities. She hinted at the potential move on March 31, alluding on Instagram that the summer would bring about new changes.

"There are a lot of big changes on the horizon for Zach and I and our family," Tori wrote. "I’m really looking forward to all the new things that we get to do together while also saying goodbye to things we’ve done forever! This summer is going to be a lot of fun but also a lot of growth!!"

Until we know all the details, there's one thing we know for sure: reality TV isn't the same without the Roloff family. We can't wait to see what happens come season 25!

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