This Little Patch Woke Me Up Faster Than Coffee

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Photo credit: KELLY NYLAND, The Good Patch
Photo credit: KELLY NYLAND, The Good Patch

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It's official: I've found what I believe is the holy grail of wake-up products, and, no, it's not another cup of coffee. The best part? It's half the price of my usual Starbucks order.

The Good Patch B12 Awake patch might just be the easiest good morning in the world. It's a small adhesive patch that you stick on your wrist or any other venous area to bring a little pep to your step for up to 12 hours. It has vitamin B12, caffeine, and green tea, so you can definitely expect to get more than a little boost.

In addition to a variety of other health benefits, vitamin B12 is believed to assist in energy production. Combined with the energy-boosting power of caffeine, the dynamic duo gives your energy levels a double whammy of alertness and activity.

Here's the big deal: while our bodies need B12, they can't actually produce it, meaning we're reliant on outside sources to get the adequate amount. And B12 plays a pretty big role in our overall health seeing as it supports cell function and is necessary for red blood cell formation. So, yeah, pretty important.

A few other benefits of B12 you'll love? It can help reduce bone degeneration, strengthen hair, skin, and nails, and can improve your overall mood.

While I can personally vouch for the helpfulness of the B12 Awake patch, The Good Patch also makes a selection of other plant-based wellness patches, including ones to help you sleep, revive you after a night of too much drinking, and bring some relief from those pesky hot flashes. They even make a sleepy-time patch for the little ones.

The Good Patch is available at a variety of retailers in addition to their website, including our two biggest weaknesses: Amazon and Target. And trust me, don't sleep on these bad boys.

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