Little Mix's Jesy Nelson Is Being Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson has tried many hairstyles over the course of her career, but her latest one isn't going over well with her followers. Recently, the singer posted a picture of herself to Instagram wearing red locs, and fans instantly called her out for culturally appropriating. The photo sparked a heated debate in the comments section, with many advising her to take the photo down.

"Many women and men have dreads and are fired, expelled from schools and shamed for having dreads. but when someone white has them they are praised and told how exotic it looks, hardly fair is it?" wrote one user.

"Black people are literally getting suspended from school, has little job opportunities and getting mocked for having their hair like this. and when a white girl wears her hair like this for /fashion/, she gets praised?" asked another.

Others argued that the hairstyle didn't constitute cultural appropriation, questioning why this wasn't counted as cultural appreciation.

The debate continued on Twitter:

The conversation around cultural appropriation has become a constant topic of conversation on social media lately, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian referring to her cornrows as "Bo Derek braids." In each instance, Twitter and Instagram users have been quick to point out that wearing locs or cornrows without cultural knowledge (or giving credit where credit is due) constitutes appropriation, not appreciation.

So far, Jesy has yet to address the debate, but her commenters continue to be vocal in pointing out the problems behind her latest hairstyle.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@jesynelson

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