15 Horrifying, Shocking, And Upsetting Things I Learned About This Month

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Note: Some graphic stories ahead.

1.The shocking fact that the author of Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown, died as a result of doing a high kick.

The "Goodnight Moon" cover

2.The tragic story of 4-year-old Brandon Zucker, who was crushed underneath one of the vehicles in the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin ride at Disneyland in 2000. Brandon suffered "serious brain damage," and "never talked or walked again." He died in January 2009.

Arrows showing the cars on a ride, one with no guard and one with a guard

3.The awful death of Ilda Vitor Maciel, an 88-year-old woman in Brazil who died after accidentally being injected with soup. Allegedly, one of the nursing technicians injected the soup into her veins instead of her feeding tube.

An IV tube

4.The fact that A LOT of people actually go overboard on cruise ships (we're talking hundreds). And, even worse, in the past, less than a quarter of them were actually rescued.

A cruise ship at night

5.The first firefighter killed after responding to the 9/11 attacks was a man named Daniel Suhr...he was hit by a falling body, someone who had jumped from one of the towers.

firefighters responding to the 9/11 World Trade Center bombings

6.In 2018, construction workers in Valdosta, Georgia discovered HUNDREDS of human teeth BEHIND A WALL. The building, which was originally built in 1900, had been occupied by a dentist, although no one really knew why the teeth of all his patients had been stashed behind the wall.

A bunch of teeth

7.The fiery and unimaginable death of Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, who crashed down to earth while "crying in rage" in 1967. Komarov was the first human to die in a space flight after the parachute failed on his capsule, the Soyuz 1.

Closeup of Vladimir Komarov

8.This upsetting video, which recently went viral, that shows HOW MUCH TRASH has been left and accumulated on Mount Everest by tourists (which has become a major problem).

Trash on Mount Everest

See the whole video here:

9.The recent tragedy of Cameron Robbins, a teenager and recent high school graduate who fell overboard while on a sunset cruise ship in the Bahamas on May 24, 2023. According to reports, Cameron allegedly jumped off the ship on a dare. Video of the incident showing Cameron swimming in the water in near-total darkness went viral online.

Cameron swimming in the water

10.Also, the recent death of a 23-year-old Russian man who was attacked and violently killed by a shark near a beach in Egypt. The disturbing video of the incident, which went viral on TikTok, showed the man being attacked and screaming, "Papa!"

Closeup of a shark

11.The existence of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, aka prion diseases — a group of "exceptionally rare brain diseases" — which have a 100% mortality rate and affect both animals and humans. An example of this would be "mad cow" disease.

Closeup of a cow with weeds in its mouth

12.This "omgggg whaaaaat?!?!" video of what a sturgeon's mouth looks like (SIDE EYE).


The whole video for the full effect:

13.The "incorruptible" body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, a nun who died in 2019 at the age of 95. Four years after her death, her body was exhumed and showed no signs of decay.

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster's body

14.The 53-year-old cold case of "trunk lady," who, thanks to modern DNA testing, has now been identified as Sylvia June Atherton, a mother of five, from Tucson, Arizona.

A trunk in the grass

15.And finally, this wild image of what an owl's ear actually looks like, which is both amazing and also looks like something out of a sci-fi horror film. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Closeup of an owl's ear

See the full video here: