Little girl breaks down into ‘happy tears’ watching Elsa perform: ‘She let it go’

Sometimes a live performance can be magical enough to transport you. One little girl had the emotional experience of a lifetime thanks to one epic Frozen number at Disneyworld.

“She let it go,” TikToker @melissanazario2 said of her daughter during a Frozen musical performance. The youngin was so moved by Princess Elsa singing “Let it Go,” it brought her to tears. Her stunning reaction just goes to show the power art can have on us.

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“She let it go. Thank you, @disneyparks, for having this show; my daughter was in happy tears,” the caption read.

The little girl had front-row seats to the Frozen musical. She sang every word of “Let it Go” with Elsa as tears poured from her face. The mom wiped them away and supported her daughter’s cathartic moment.

The emotional video racked up 7.6 million views and 1.8 million likes.

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“She felt that song deep in her soul. I cried with her,” someone wrote.

“She’s gonna love concerts when she grows up,” another said.

“That was my reaction when I saw the lion king on live,” a user commented.

“I did just see this show, and it is, in fact, worth crying for. It’s fantastic,” a person stated.

“Omg, I was crying with her,” a TikToker added.

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