Little Foal's Determination to Play With Humans Is Impossible to Resist

He wasn't taking no for an answer.

Imagine enjoying a day by the water with your loved ones when an energetic foal runs up to play. What would you do? We think we'd be over the moon with joy at the surprise, but we totally understand why these people chose not to interact with an animal they don't know.

Still, this playful brown foal is the definition of adorable, and we just can't stop smiling at his attempts at friendship. No wonder his owner, @merilver, is laughing so hard!

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LMAO! Look at this little guy running through the water! If we had been there to witness this cuteness, you couldn't even pay us to run away. And it seems like the commenters feel the same way!

"I would be holding my arms out and thinking I’ve died and gone to heaven," said @spannermom. Us too! The unbridled joy from this foal is simply irresistible, and we would love to run, jump, and play with him. With @merilver's permission, of course!

We laughed just as hard at @attesmatte78's comment as we did at the video itself. She said, "Girls laughing at boys running away from a cute baby horse just made my day!" 

By the looks of the video, it made this foal's day, too! Viewer @natalieg422 concluded that "He clearly thinks by them running their playing with him." Honestly, it makes sense! That is a way animals play, after all. If this baby came up to us, that's how we'd play, too!

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