Little Caesars customer baffled after receiving 'scary' package from the fast-food chain: ‘Why would they do this?’

A Little Caesars customer is turning heads after getting some…special customer service from the fast-food chain.

The baffling situation is coming to light thanks to a TikTok user named Wes (@westheghost). In his now-viral clip, Wes shared the bizarre package he received from the pizza chain.

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“Thank you, @littlecaesarspizza, for sending one of the scariest things I have ever received in the mail,” Wes captioned his video.

That scary thing apparently came without any warning or reason. First, Wes starts by reading a message he finds in the box, during which Little Caesars thanks him for being “such a big fan.” Then, he gets onto the main gift.

As it turns out, Little Caesars sent Wes a full-sized, lifelike doll. According to the letter Wes reads in his clip, the doll is supposed to resemble his own face and is seemingly representative of the chain’s stuffed crust pizza.

“We also stuffed a life-sized doll that looks exactly like you, in honor of our stuffed crust pizza,” Wes reads aloud from the letter.

The doll itself is certainly something to look at. And naturally, TikTok users had plenty of thoughts. Many were confused as to why Wes, of all people, would get this package — or why Little Caesars would think to send it.

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“Why would they do this?” one user asked.

“What is going on here?” another wrote.

As it turns out, Wes and Little Caesars have a strange relationship that goes back much further. On TikTok, the Little Caesars account only follows one user. You guessed it: It’s Wes.

It’s hard to say exactly how this dynamic came about — but strangely enough, this isn’t so out of the ordinary for fast-food chains.

Restaurants have gone viral several times on TikTok with similarly elaborate gestures. In 2020, Dairy Queen raised eyebrows on the app for sending a ranch dressing-themed “care package” to one user. Around the same time, Chipotle went viral after claiming users could make a “fork” out of its tortillas.

Meanwhile, Ritz Crackers had its own TikTok moment, when the brand claimed its crackers were “designed” to cut cheese.

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