Little boy and his dog best friend are taking over TikTok with their cuteness

Emerald Pellot

Rhode Island dad Kiel James Patrick shares the scenic view of his family’s New England lifestyle on TikTok and Instagram. Sometimes it’s a picturesque photo of the Nantucket docks or a hobbit house that looks straight from “The Secret Garden.” And while Patrick and his wife Sarah Patrick have some extremely romantic date nights, it’s their son Harry and dog Bennie that are the real social media stars. 

Nothing is quite as wholesome as a boy and his Golden Retriever. Bennie and Harry can be seen adorably playing on several of the family’s pool floatsgardening together and even engaging in some outdoor bathtime. But one video will surely hit you right in the feels.

“Storms aren’t so scary when you have your best friend by your side to snuggle and watch it with,” Patrick wrote in the caption.

A barefoot Harry stands on the massive front porch during a torrential rainstorm. Thunder audibly rumbles as the front lawn, lush with flowers and trees, becomes drenched. Little Harry reaches his hand out from under the awing to feel the rain. But he gets a bit spooked and runs over to Bennie who is comfortably nestled on the porch swing. A frightened Harry cuddles the dog like it’s his security blanket. 

The internet can’t argue with cute, so naturally, the brief clip racked up almost 500,000 views. 

“Out of storybook,” one TikTok user wrote

“This is the dream. Wow,” another said

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