Little boy accidentally wears salacious tee to school, and his mom's apology goes viral

A mortified mom thought her 9-year-old son was wearing a McDonald’s T-shirt. Neither realized the shirt has a sexually suggestive image on it until after school. (Photo:
A mortified mom thought her 9-year-old son was wearing a McDonald’s T-shirt. Neither realized the shirt has a sexually suggestive image on it until after school. (Photo:

A Texas mom was not “lovin’ it” when she realized that her son went to school in a salacious mock McDonald’s T-shirt.

Shelly McCullar posted a photo and a video of her young son Anthony wearing what looks like a McDonald’s shirt on social media. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this red-and-yellow tee is not at all advertising innocent burgers and fries. In place of the golden arches that symbolize McDonald’s are a pair of women’s legs bent and spread.

But McCullar had no idea. A friend recently gave them hand-me-downs, and she hadn’t sifted through them yet when Anthony decided to debut one of the T-shirts. “Just to clarify, I would never let my kid wear something like this,” she promised in the Facebook post. Apparently, other parents can relate, as the post has 110,000 shares and 92,000 likes so far.

“I am not a morning person,” McCullar tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Two out of three of my kids are not morning people, my son being one of those two. So mornings are usually chaotic and rush … rush … rush.”

Anthony was also getting over a bout of bronchitis, “so now we have to add a breathing treatment to an already busy morning routine,” she explains. “So my focus is trying to get myself and three kids ready and out the door on time, not the details of the image on his choice of shirts.”

Plus, McCullar says the 9-year-old can dress himself, so she doesn’t really review his outfits before he walks out the door. The fact that he already has two shirts that look similar to this one (minus the lady’s legs) didn’t help. “It was one of those [previously owned] shirts that I thought he had grabbed to put on,” she says. “And I didn’t notice it as we were leaving because he had his jacket on.”

The mom wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice the boy’s suggestive tee. In the video that McCullar posted of Anthony, he said, “I thought it was, like, McDonald’s.” And, according to the kid, his teachers “thought it was McDonald’s too,” which is why he made it through the day with T-shirt intact.

“He did not get in trouble, as I am hoping he wore his jacket most of the day,” McCullar shares. “His gym teacher must have noticed during PE, because Anthony later told me that she asked him to put his jacket back on. She didn’t make a big deal about it or draw attention to it, so he was a little confused as to why she was asking him to put his jacket back on.”

The friend who gave them the clothing also had no idea that the shirt had anything X-rated on it, as it was never his to begin with. “He actually had been given the clothes by one of his family members for his boys,” McCullar explains. “After his sons picked out what they wanted, he asked if I would like to have what was left. And being a single mom, I’m always thankful to receive hand-me-downs of good quality. But no, he was not aware of the shirt, and he has been very apologetic.”

McCullar was only made aware of the mistake after school. “After school Wednesday, my niece sent me a video while I was at work. It took me a few seconds to realize what it was. When I did, my heart started racing and I felt my face getting warm with embarrassment.”

The mom made sure to go through the rest of the clothing as soon as she got home. “I have gone through the clothes,” she notes. “Most of them are too big for my son to wear, so I have set most of them aside to pass on to my nephews if they want to go through them. Thank goodness there was nothing else inappropriate!”

McCullar has a great attitude about the whole thing and can totally see the humor in it. “Through my embarrassment, I did lmao!!” she admitted on Facebook.

In fact, she might keep the tee as a memento. “The shirt is hidden away in the top of my closet,” she shares. “I have not decided what I am going to do with it. I have been saving some of their shirts they have outgrown throughout the years to have T-shirt quilts made for them when they are older (much older), and I thought about including that shirt for his quilt.”

That, or she’ll auction it off to one of the many (believe it or not) interested parties.

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