Get a Litter Mat to Keep Your Cat’s Litter in the Box and Off Your Floors

Cats basically arrive into this world already trained to use a litter box. They don’t, however, come trained on how to wipe their paws afterward and avoid traipsing sandy litter box granules all over your home. Your cat’s paws touch many things in your home before and after they use the bathroom, and without the proper cleaning accessories, they could spread bacteria throughout your house. Use a cat litter mat instead, and help your kitty stay as clean as possible.

Below, we’ve gathered the best cat litter mats for keeping a tidy home and clean cat.

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What Is a Cat Litter Mat?

A cat litter mat is a cat’s version of a bathmat, designed to collect the droppings and litter granules that may stick to a cat’s feet after they’re done using the litter box. Cats are known for their hygiene but can still leave sandy litter all over your bathroom, basement, or wherever you have the litter box set up. Avoid this, and keep your house clean with our top picks below.


How We Chose the Best Cat Litter Mats

We haven’t tested all of the options below, but SPY Senior E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla chose the cat litter mats below because of their materials, durability and positive user reviews. She grew up with cats, and her family always used a cat litter mat to avoid a pesky mess outside the litter box and keep as much litter as possible inside the box. This saves the uncomfortable feeling of getting cat litter between your toes and saves you money by wasting less litter in the first place.

So while you’re stocking up on the best cat brushes and cat toys for your new companion, grab one of the best cat litter mats of 2022 as well.


1. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat


This litter mat from Pieviev has a double honeycomb design that collects the litter from your cat’s paws within its layers, making it easy to dump it back into the litter box regularly. It’s waterproof and urine-proof, and the bottom is slip-resistant, so it’s designed to stay put even after many uses. It’s made of washable EVA material that’s also soft, so it’s gentle on tender paws. The material is also durable and designed to withstand wear and tear from cats who love to scratch.

Pieviev litter box mat, cat litter box mat, cat litter mats
Pieviev litter box mat, cat litter box mat, cat litter mats

Buy: Pieviev Cat Litter Mat $16.99


2. Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Mat


This thick cat litter mat is made with grooves and mesh for trapping excess litter and keeping it off your kitty’s paws and the floors in your home. It’s made with a durable, adhesive backing designed not to slip and slide around, and all it takes is a shake to return the collected litter to the box. It’s also made with durable and strong materials, so it won’t get damaged from a few kicks or scratches.

gorilla grip thick cat litter mat, cat litter mats
gorilla grip thick cat litter mat, cat litter mats

Buy: Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Mat $15.98 (orig. $29.99) 47% OFF


3. PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat


This cat litter mat is made entirely of silicone, making it one of the easiest to wipe down and clean regularly. The FDA-grade silicone is antimicrobial, water- and stain-resistant, durable yet squishy and comfortable for your cat to walk on. The litter stays stuck to the mat’s surface so that you can clean it off easily with a broom, vacuum or sponge, but it won’t easily spread to the surrounding floor. It also has surface recesses for trapping litter, but not deep grooves where litter can get stuck and bacteria can grow over time, making it more hygienic for your cat and easier for you.

PetFusion cat litter mat, cat litter mats
PetFusion cat litter mat, cat litter mats

Buy: PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat $32.44


4. iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat


This cat litter mat is large, with 30″ x 23″ of surface area for collecting litter. It has extra large holes for capturing all the litter and a trapper mat and plastic film for repelling urine. The surface is smooth to not irritate your cat’s paws, and it has an EZ edge opening so you can cleanse it underneath your shower head, in your sink or in your backyard with the hose. For super messy cats, it also comes with the option of inserting a puppy pad into the middle to collect extra liquid, so it doesn’t spread to the surrounding area.

iPrimio cat litter trapper, cat litter mat
iPrimio cat litter trapper, cat litter mat

Buy: iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat $29.99 (orig. $49.99) 40% OFF


5. LeToo Cat Litter Mat


This cat litter mat comes with a super affordable price tag without sacrificing any of the useful features you want. It has 12 millimeter 3D convex honeycomb holes for capturing and trapping excess litter granules. It’s also made with a waterproof and skid-proof double layer that keeps it from moving around after your cat walks across it. It’s washable and measures 24″ x 15″, so while it’s not as large as the option above, it’s more than enough to cover the opening of a standard covered or uncovered litter box.

LeToo cat litter mat
LeToo cat litter mat

Buy: LeToo Cat Litter Mat $14.99


6. kaxoinage Cat Litter Mat


This cat litter mat opens up like an envelope after trapping litter and other debris, making it easy to empty and refresh it regularly. It’s made of lightweight EVA material that’s durable and eco-friendly, and it has a double-layer honeycomb design that’s waterproof and urine-proof. It also has a large capacity for litter, so you don’t need to empty it daily.

kaxionage cat litter mat
kaxionage cat litter mat

Buy: kaxionage Cat Litter Mat $16.99 (orig. $32.99) 48% OFF


How To Clean a Cat Litter Mat

Cat litter mats are designed to be easy to clean, making them much better for keeping the rest of your house tidy. Many of them are easy to empty so that you can dispose of the excess litter in the trash or back into the litter box. They’re made of waterproof materials like silicone and EVA plastic, so you can wipe them down with a wipe or rinse them with soap and water.


How Often Should You Clean a Cat Litter Mat?

Depending on how messy your cat is, we recommend cleaning your litter box and litter mat once a week, with a deeper cleanse happening monthly.


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