Listening to Kitten's Cries Change as They Grow Is So Fascinating

From a squeak to a meow!

It's easy to see the difference when your cat grows from a newborn kitten to an older kitten. Their eyes are open, they start to grow more fur, their little bodies lengthen. But you may not notice how drastically their meows change as well, which is why the video TikTok user @Chpet02 is so interesting! 

Just look at this tiny little squeaky thing go from making shrill little peeps to its first meow! This video is just too precious. 

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Keep in mind, if you play this video at full volume your own cats will probably come running, LOL. @KittyBee says " I want one!" Us too! When you hear that precious little cry your heart just melts. @OdionKenneth posts, " She gets older the sound changes!" @Sohungry comments, "They only get louder the older they get.But we still love our babies." Awwww, so true. There's just nothing like the meows of tiny kittens

By month 11, kittens start to transition into adults cats. Most cats are full grown by one year of age, so any growth beyond this point is usually just mentally. So enjoy those tiny little squeaks while you have them, they'll be replaced by meows soon enough! 

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