Listen Up, Today's The Day To Stock Up On Toilet Paper

Jasmine Gomez
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Photo credit: Christine Giordano
Photo credit: Christine Giordano

From Women's Health

Toilet paper is always essential. I don't have to go into it (I'm sure you know why). So when you're running low, it sucks. But Amazon is having a major sale on TP right now that'll keep your closet stocked for at least a few weeks.

Amazon is discounting a ton of products for their Holiday Dash sale, and they've got a major deal going on Scott toilet paper. You can get a bulk box of 80 rolls for more than half off (51 percent) right now.

In case you didn't know, 80 rolls adds up to 550 sheets per roll, which means you get 44,000 sheets of toilet paper in this bulk. Yeah, that's a lot. If this isn't your usual toilet paper brand, here's what you need to know about Scott's. Their TP is made of 2-ply bathroom tissue that's free of alcohol, fragrance, and dyes, and is also made with 100 percent recycled fiber content.

Customers say they've definitely saved money buying TP in bulk.

"Quality Scott product. Individual wrap makes it ideal for storage. Bulk price makes it less costly than generic supermarket roll," wrote one reviewer on Amazon.

They also liked that buying it in bulk means less trips to the store.

"Stock up on toilet paper. [It's] easier than running to the store all the time for smaller bags..." wrote another reviewer.

If you're ready to really save, get this box of 80 rolls for $54.38 during the Holiday Dash sale. A box like this is usually $110.

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