A Lip Reading Expert Just Debunked Those Rumor About Meghan, Harry, And Charles

Mehera Bonner

From Women's Health

  • A new book claims Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince Charles had a tense convo during Charles' 70th birthday party.

  • A lip reading expert has fully debunked this theory thanks to analyzing footage from the event.

Lady Colin Campbell has written a new book about the royals called Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, and in it she claims that Meghan Markle told Prince Harry she was "bored" at a Prince Charles' 70th birthday garden party, and asked if they could leave after just 15 minutes. Which yeah, literally never happened. It took approximately two seconds for footage to be unearthed from the event, and The Daily Mail's lip reader debunked the notion that any drama went down.

In the above clip, Prince Harry is pulled away from a conversation by Prince Charles, and then he and Meghan start making their goodbyes. But the Daily Mail's lip reading expert says that there "definitely wasn't any angst" in this conversation, and the couples even promised each other they'd "catch up" after the party.

Apparently, Prince Charles said "we are going now, we have to leave" which promoted Harry to simply say "You go ahead." Charles then said "We will go now...see you later," and Harry added "Yes, catch up...after." Oh, and we also have Camilla wandering up, who told Meghan "Just coming to say goodbye...we will see you later."

In other words: NO DRAMA TO BE FOUND. Actually, it should be noted that Meghan and Charles are said to get along really well, and Harry and Meghan are actually visiting the royal family in England this summer (assuming it's safe to do so).

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