Lindsay Lohan says moving to Dubai taught her how to say 'no': 'Really putting myself first'

Lindsay Lohan is opening up about why her quieter life in Dubai is better for her well-being. The Mean Girls star, 35, sat down with Vogue for a trip down memory lane, in which she revisited some of her most iconic fashion moments. In addition to explaining what inspired certain red carpet looks (like a Juicy Couture sweatsuit and skinny white scarf), Lohan also opened up about why she left Hollywood behind to live in the Middle East. "It just really happened, how I moved to Dubai. I got there, and I felt a certain sense of calm," she explained in the Vogue video. "I think it's because paparazzi is illegal there. I really found that I had a private life, and I could just take time for myself. I decided to stay there because I really learned to appreciate what it is to go, do my work, and then leave and live a normal life. It took me moving there to really appreciate the time that I take for myself, instead of just going, going, going and learning to say 'no.' And really putting myself first, and choosing the things that I want to do, wisely, for me first."

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