Lily Collins' New Parisian Fringe Is Your Next Autumn Hair Inspo

How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Lily Collins' French-girl fringe? *Raises two hands* because yeah, me too. Oh and FYI, by 'personally victimized' I mean that in the best way possible, aka, tempted to take the nail scissors from the bathroom drawer and cut yourself in some bangs right there and then. Hi there, intrusive thoughts.

Well, now, she's only gone and debuted a brand new look for the autumn season and I (as I'm sure you will be, too, in about T minus 30 seconds) am trying to figure out how to book in a last minute appointment with my local hair salon.

Taking to Instagram to show off her recent chop, Lily posted a #CarSelfie with a caption that reads: "Fall fringe refresh…". Seemingly so caszh and understated for a look that is the face of our unofficially official autumn hairspo mood board.

As for the style, Lily has kept to what she knows best with the 'Birkin bangs' cut, complete with longer layered stands to frame the face. And just to give some context to said Birkin look, they are a style of French bangs popularized by Jane Birkin in the 60s.

It's giving Parisian chic – which I suppose is very on-brand for the Emily in Paris star.

And not only has she had her fringe shortened for the season, but we also suspect that she also underwent a full-blown haircut, having a few inches taken off the rest of her lengths. To compare, just take a look at her locks from a few days ago that sat just below her chest:

Certainly a difference, right?!

So, for those girlies who are yet to book in their annual trim, let this be your sign. Trust me, your locks will thank you for it in the long run!

In partnership with Living Proof, Lily would have used the following products to achieve her above look. Shop the range below:

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