Lil Nas X Ran a Half Marathon in Designer Shoes and Left in a Wheelchair

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LIL NAS X ran the New York City Half Marathon for the first time over the weekend—and had a pretty rough time of it. The singer and rapper, known for hits like 'Industry Baby' and 'Old Town Road,' allegedly couldn't find a pair of running shoes in time— and so he ended up repping Coach, the fashion brand he has been a spokesmodel for since 2022.

He ran the entire 13-mile track in a pair of Coach distressed leather high-top sneakers, which might make for some strong drip but are in no way made for endurance running.

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According to Page Six, Nas did very little to no training for the event, having reportedly never ran for longer than three miles at a time—and even then, only on a treadmill. The half marathon apparently marked the first time that the musician went running outdoors.

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Lil Nas X completed the 21-kilometer race with a final time of 2:32:53, but running 13 miles with insufficient training, not to mention highly unsuitable footwear, took a physical toll: he shared a video on his Instagram Story after the race showing that his legs were so fatigued he had ended up needing a wheelchair.

"Well... the race went well," he joked. "It's giving race!"

The next morning, he posted a video to his Instagram Story from his bed, chiding his cat for jumping on his legs, which he claims are in quite a lot of pain right now... and understandably so.

That isn't to say the 24-year-old rapper isn't in otherwise great shape. Cardio notwithstanding, Nas stays in the gym, and has frequently shared glimpses of his workouts—as well as his lean physique and shredded six-pack abs—on social media. He's also known for performing shirtless, and most recently, showed off his sculpted muscles at last year's Met Gala, going nearly nude and covering his entire body in silver paint.

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