When Life Gives You Lemons, Have a Lime

The Bon Appétit Staff
·1 min read

A lime is what Trinis live for. It’s the word we use for different types of hangouts, and it’s a really integral part of the culture, from our after-work lime to our roti lime to our beach lime. With Cane, [my sister Jeanine and] I wanted to bring the lime to D.C. to represent how we hang out and get down. Our fish and tiffin boxes with roti at the bottom and all the curries on top are designed for you to share and dive in with your hands. Because Cane only has 33 seats, everyone was always sharing and talking to everyone else about their food, and when dishes arrived at the tables it was always a big discussion.

But we’re never going back to that kind of density again; Cane as we know it isn’t going to exist anymore as a sit-down restaurant. So now we’re thinking of new ways to connect with our friends and family to keep the energy going. I’m looking into finding a new, bigger space for Cane, ideally with more outdoor seating and event spaces so you can still get a sense of community without being crammed in. We’re also thinking about things like smaller catered events at people’s homes or virtual cooking classes where we can still have that social interaction. Even if you’re not eating something I made, we can still share a recipe and an experience.

Originally Appeared on Bon Appétit